Addicted to Knitting

Archive for September 25th, 2006

I am very curious about something. Why is it that since I started knitting that I feel as though
I must have at least 10 projects going and how quickly I loose interest in them. Currently I have the “country cousins” afghan from Lion Brand started, a drop stitch scarf almost finished, an antique lace scarf started, several hats and misc. things going and tonight as I am free to knit I dont want to work on any of them.
Another thing that is strange is this addiction to buying yarn and needles. I have only been knitting a year and a half and I have quite a stash of both. I find myself unable to stay away from the yarn in any store I enter that carries even a tiny bit of the stuff. My needle collection is getting quite large and yet as I looked at a project I want to do ( I dont have the correctsize circular needles. Oh the urge to go to ebay and do a buy it now is sooooooooo strong. Someone please stop me!

Drop Stitch Scarf

This is another one of my creations. I started this several months ago. Its made of
Kentucky Yarn and very lightweight. I wanted this for summer wear and its now the end of september so I guess it will be good for next year. Funny how I get these great ideas and get off to a good start and then……… comes in and the project get set aside. I did actually finish this. WOW!

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