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Here is the finished product ready to be felted.
It looks very droopy and horrible before felting
But check it out afterwards….

This is my 9 year old holding the bag. I wanted
to see it carried like a tote.

Of course then my 3 year old had to get in on the act.

Here is the tote bag. The first new thing I learned was picking up stitches from the side. I cast on 16 stitches and knit garter stitch for 44 rows. Here is a picture of picking up on the first side.
I had 22 stitches to pick up. I got these between the rows created by the garter stitch.

Then I picked up 16 stitches from the bottom.
This is a bit more difficult so I used a dpl pointed
needle and then slipped the stiches onto the circular.

You can see here what it looks like after I slipped the stiches
onto the circulars.

Now I picked up 22 stitches from the other side
and slipped the 16 stitches from the other needle onto it
and started knitting in the round. you can see from this picture why
I had to slip the stiches.

This is some fun yarn I found at the dollar store. Paton’s voodoo. Patons doesnt seem to offer much in the way of free patterns so I just did a scarf in garter stitch. Very interesting. Reminds me of a shedding shaggy dor or buffalo. My daughter does DI and she and her team are going to knit something out of this same yarn in brown for there side trip. Should be interesting teaching them all to knit!

Here is another hot head pattern I did. This one for my little boy. Better colors I think.

I had such big plans for this blog. I was going to write in it several times a week and post pictures. Then life stepped in and stopped that. I have been watching a young child for 2-3 months and hopefully this is the last week. I cannot seem to get a thing done.
I do have some projects to post and hope to get that done soon. I did another felting project that turned out really well. Its the mama marsupial tote from Stitch-n-bitch. I didnt do it as long as the pattern said to as I wanted a little tote purse and I havent done the pouch yet. I already started another bag just like it. I was proud of myself because the pattern calls for doing a flat bottom and picking up stitches on the side. Not nearly as hard as I had thought. I will take pictures as I do this one and post them. Makes it very simple to learn.
Meanwhile we used to have an old heater that had a grate on the floor…took it out 4 years ago. Fixed the hole in the floor and put in carpet. My children and their bouncing or the improper fixing have not helped it to hold up. Its 10 below zero here and my dh will be going under the house to fix where the floor is falling. My closet is now almost emptied onto my bed. Good time to thin stuff out but no knitting will be done……sigh.
My 3y/o was man handling the child I care for and is yelling his head off from the naughty spot, the school and I have alread talked about my special needs child’s behavior. Is this a good day or what?
Talk to ya later!

November 2006