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I really do enjoy this pattern. Its good practice for me as I hate small needles. Yes to me size 10 is small. I get hand cramps when I use the smaller needles. UGH!

This is my 9 y/o Casey and in the background is Back to the future! His current fave movie.
I used lion brand wool ease chuncky for this one with one stripe of Lambs pride. This was for dh and in the largest size of the pattern. Dh has a big head and it doesnt fit him. sigh……..guess this one will be for Casey since he models it so well. I now still need a hat for dh and 2 nephews. ONLY a week to go……..someone send me a maid/nanny so I can get my knitting done for Christmas.

I just had to shoe off my little guy. We are celebrating his 3rd birthday today. He had grown up so fast!

I cant believe that its already almost Christmas. I have been knitting my self to death and I am not ready. You know I sit at home doing things for Christmas and get all in the spirit then I go shopping. I hate shopping at Christmas. Commercialization has ruined the holiday. And now I must make a trip to Billings Mt this week. It will be crazy there! MIL wants to go and cannot drive herself. This may be her last Christmas so I will do it with a cheerful heart and attitude. My MIL is a dear lady. A year ago last oct we lost my FIL and she hasnt been the same since. She has diabetes and high blood pressure. Her sugar is running 330 and bp 196 over 90. LIke I said this could be her last holiday with us. Makes me think alot. We should treat every day like its our last and be kind to one another. We really dont know what day or hour we will be called home. Okay so that is not a cheerful thought to some and very dear to others. Not sure how I got on this subject.
I have found most knitting blogs have much in them that is not about knitting and is more sharing of themselves and I would like to share my self with you.
I dont have any knitting friends. hence the need to blog and read blogs. My dear stepdaughter taught me to knit almost 2 years ago and I am so hooked! I offer to teach others and they all say “I could never do that!” Actually there are a few women in my church who knit but I have never gotten together with them.
So this post said nothin with lots of words…
But here is a picture of the present I got from my best sister and BIL…….She designed it and he made it…..what do you think?

Isnt that cool? I can remove the greenery and decorate it for all seasons.
I am so impressed.

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