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another stitch-n-#itch pattern

Posted on: December 28, 2006

Here is yet another hat I did from the stitch-n-#itch book. I didnt put the pailettes and used a different color but my daughter was thrilled with it. She was not to cooperative when it came time to take pictures.
I am going to make the Odessa for her in the next 2 days. She left for winter camp today and wont be home till saturday. She is my hat queen as you can tell by the many photos of her on my blog wearing her many hats.
I am off to search for my s-n-b book so I can adjust the above mentioned pattern for the yarn I have. Its a nice heather gray plymouth glaway yarn. I have this fear of small needles so I am glad I have something else to make it in. Would also like to tackle the le slouch in burgundy plymouth worsted weight.
I would say I have my work cut out for me, wouldn’t you? And now dearest signifigant other is insisting on going to the hot tub…….such a hard life I live……..
I love the little twisty thing that this hat did at the end.

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