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Her are the slipper socks my husband wanted so badly. I am rather ashamed of them. One of them is a bit larger around the top of the foot than the other. He is very happy because he has cold fee and these are very warm.
Now this purse turned out really cute. I forgot to take a picture of the purse before I felted it.
The one picture of it on the table looks much pinker than it is. The other show more accurately the color of the bag. Note how well it goes with my daughters blouse. She is just thrilled since it is her purse. I used Paton’s Soy Wool Stripes for this and knit it without a pattern or a plan. The button is an antique one that I got from my mom (aka the button queen…don’t tell her I said that) I did find one picture that I had taken at the beginning of this project.

Now for melodrama. Two summers in a row I was in the local melodrama. I love melodrama. They are such a hoot. The last one I was in I took a pie in the face 3 time per performance plus 1 practice = 12 pies. They were just cool whip and it was all in good fun. I am telling you once you have cool whip up your nose your desire to eat the stuff is not the same. My director says I have a face for melodrama. In ordinary life I make melodramatic faces. see……

I do hope these make you smile.

Is this not some of the prettiest yarn you have ever seen?
Now to decide which to use first and how to keep myself
on track to knit some socks………

I really don’t have a thing to post about. I am knitting but its going very slow.
I have a baby sock in fingering weight yarn on size 1 needles that is going
good. These are a gift for Bailey May who is due to make an appearance in March.
Gives me plenty of time to work on them.
I am also working on an adult pair of socks in wool ease. This sock is also creeping along
very slowly. I am determined to make socks. I find them quite fascinating. But they are so dog gone slow…….I know why I like hats so much. I can do a hat in a couple of hours and see results so fast. I guess I am not a very patient person. My mom can sew. Growing up she made clothes in an amazingly short amount of time. She came by this naturally. She has often told me how my Grandma was able to make not only clothes but the patterns for the clothes. I have attempted to sew but find it tedious. TEDIOUS! That is what sock making is.
So this evening I set aside my socks and quickly knit up a scarf for a little girl who goes to my church. She is 3 years old and wanted a pink scarf that is “fluffy” In a quick episode of Supernanny I had it finished. Of course when I went to take a picture the batteries were dead in the camera so I have to wait till tomorow. Is Someone trying to teach me patience?
I also have this fear of knitting large items. I really want to make Jasper a sweater. I dont know why I am fearful of making a sweater. I guess its the fact that I could go to all that work and have it not turn out. I dont like failure at all. I did start a simple sweater in Lion Cotton Ease on size 8 needles. Stockingette stitch…very simple. I average about 2 rows a day on it. Good thing its a size 4. I may finish it in time for Christmas.
I was surfing around different knitting blogs and found this one This gal is amazing for knitting a year and a half. I also love the name of her blog and the Bible verse that goes with it. If you have time check out her finished objects under the keepers. I am so impressed and a bit jealous. Perhaps she doesnt have a 9 year old with special needs and a toddler running loose. That must be it. Couldn’t be that she is braver than me and more patient.
Okay so I have rambled on here and said absolutely nothing. This one was for you Tana so you would have something new to read.

I was reading a post on another blog that bothered me. It was about fun fur. I have noticed there is a certain snobbery out there concerning trendy yarns like this. Why? I admit I purchased way more fun fur than I should have when I first learned to
knit. I made some wonderful scarfs and really had a blast doing it. When I read this post I saw a comment that led me to a site where you can make hats or chemo caps for young people with cancer and how much they love there “hair” created out of fun fur. I have quite a bit on hand and this seems like a nice thing to do. so I made one today. I had forgotten how nice fun fur feels when you are knitting with it. Its so soft and fluffy. So why the snobbery? Why is it that many knitters shun not only this yarn but many of the less expensive ones. I am a stay at home mom by choice. I have a child not yet in school and I wont seek employment till he is. Therefore I really cannot join in this snobbiness that says you must buy all natural, no acrylic, pricey yarn in order to be a “knitter of class” Most of the cool knitting pattern on the internet are made with expensive yarn. I’ll admit that the red heart super saver skeins dont really feel that nice but I really like alot of Lion Brand and Bernat yarns and they are on the lower end of the price scale. For example: I made this hat using size 10 needles and some Bernat Softee Chunky in the color way true taupe……..Cost here.
I am so pleased with the hat. I wore it to church last night and felt like a million bucks. My mom who is 83 told me that its the best hat I have knitted so far.
No I am not a size 5 beauty queen but I am not ugly either. I am a housewife, mother of 4 who loves to knit. Not all knitters look like models (Thank God) and being beautiful doesnt improve your knitting skills anymore than expesive yarn does.
Jumping down from my soapbox for today….

Wow! I cannot believe the week has flown by. Kids get out early today, dh has 3 day weekend.
My house is gonna get trashed……ha ha! Not that its ever totally untrashed! I am in a funk with the knitting. The sock thing has me puzzled. I am going to knit some socks. I am not giving up.
Found this interesting thing in my stash…
what is it? I think it is a baby bonnet I started but I am not sure. Like the scalloped edges…..very cheap yarn…
gotta go do some comsmetology work for now………

I had the funniest conversation with my daughter yesterday. We were on the way to the dr.s office and she was searching for a certain cd that is usually in the van. This is how it went….sort of

Rache “whats in here?” (meaning the cd player)

Me “I dont think there’s anything in there. Last I listened to was Derek Webb and I loaned that to Kent” (Kent is our pastor)

R. “that just isnt right”

M “What?”

R “kent just doesnt seem the type to listen to music”

Me staring at her in bewilderment “huh?”

R “well he’s bald mom”

So now you know……..bald men dont listen to music…….ahh the widsom of a 13 year old.

Now onto another puzzling thing.
What does my cat prefer wool yarn?
She is always stealing my nice yarn.
Maybe she is part dog…you
have to wonder when you see her
running through the house with a ball
of yarn in her mouth.
She never touches anything but wool.
Here is a picture of the mess I had to sit through 2 blues clues last night to fix. It was much worse than it appears to be. The yarn is Patons Soy wool stripes…I heard it was wonderful yarn. Its okay but it has alot of flaws or fat places in it and I am going to use it for felting after tinking
a major project I had started with it.

Am I avoiding the whole sock thing? Yes I am . My sock is retarded looking. and it has holes in it. I am so glad I used cheapo stuff for this.

Recently I was visiting a blog ( )and entered a contest. Much to my surprise and elation….I own some beautiful sock yarn. Now I dont know about you but socks scare me. The wonderful woman who taught me to knit was a sock knitter and it looked so simple yet complicated when she did it. Those tiny little needles and that tiny yarn. OKAY! I admit it. I am a small needle fearing person! I have knit on 8’s but not much. For some reason the smaller needles bring out a grip in me that makes my hands ache. And my eyes cross. Many a pattern has been passed over due to needle size! Currently I am working on a hat from Kody May KNits
that is knit on 8’s and has many y/o’s, ssk, psso’s etc. I can do the fancy work but I hate the smaller needles. So what is a person to do when they are presented with this fantastic sock yarn? Not only beautiful but EXPENSIVE!
Well this girl contacted my knitting teacher and asked her for a simple pattern. Lets face it not all the patterns on the internet even work out they way they are soposed to. So today I got my pattern in the mail. Its from and its called basic socks. What a great pattern. It gives instructions for fingering, sport and worsted weight yarn and several variations. I am trying it out with some wonderful wool ease by lionbrand. Yes I do like that cheap stuff. Especially for experiments! So here is what I have so far.

The toothpick is to show how
small this sock is. You can see I havent gotten very far but I love those tiny stitches. I am so happy with myself I could just do the happy dance!
Here is the ball of yarn I am working from. Its really difficult for me to get photos that show the colors of this yarn.

Oh how I love Wyoming winters!
We’ve had a cold snap set in
and its been 1 above for a high.
None of the stupid mittens we have fit Jasper so….
handy dandy knitter that I am….
I searched for and found a pattern.
When you look at just one mitten it looks like I did a fairly decent job.
I do believe one is larger than the other but they kept my boys little hands warm!

I wanted to make this really
cool hat I saw on
called center square Seemed
like a simple enough pattern. I
really liked doing the pattern…
unfortunately I seemed to have
messed up somewhere……. the
top looks good though!
I do plan to try again and use nicer yarn.
This was some red heart stuff and
I hate the feeling of it on my fingers…..

Not how cute the model is though!

January 2007