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Starting something small or overcoming small needle fear.

Posted on: January 16, 2007

Recently I was visiting a blog ( )and entered a contest. Much to my surprise and elation….I own some beautiful sock yarn. Now I dont know about you but socks scare me. The wonderful woman who taught me to knit was a sock knitter and it looked so simple yet complicated when she did it. Those tiny little needles and that tiny yarn. OKAY! I admit it. I am a small needle fearing person! I have knit on 8’s but not much. For some reason the smaller needles bring out a grip in me that makes my hands ache. And my eyes cross. Many a pattern has been passed over due to needle size! Currently I am working on a hat from Kody May KNits
that is knit on 8’s and has many y/o’s, ssk, psso’s etc. I can do the fancy work but I hate the smaller needles. So what is a person to do when they are presented with this fantastic sock yarn? Not only beautiful but EXPENSIVE!
Well this girl contacted my knitting teacher and asked her for a simple pattern. Lets face it not all the patterns on the internet even work out they way they are soposed to. So today I got my pattern in the mail. Its from and its called basic socks. What a great pattern. It gives instructions for fingering, sport and worsted weight yarn and several variations. I am trying it out with some wonderful wool ease by lionbrand. Yes I do like that cheap stuff. Especially for experiments! So here is what I have so far.

The toothpick is to show how
small this sock is. You can see I havent gotten very far but I love those tiny stitches. I am so happy with myself I could just do the happy dance!
Here is the ball of yarn I am working from. Its really difficult for me to get photos that show the colors of this yarn.

2 Responses to "Starting something small or overcoming small needle fear."

You are off to a great start!
Getting started is the hardest part…but after you get going…those little needles with their little stitches are so fun!

I really love them!

p.s. it’s nice to meet you :o)

Hang in there Marti! You may find, like many of us, that sock knitting becomes an obsession. If nothing else, the yarn is beautiful and fun to fondle and pet!!

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