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Bald men, music, cats and wool

Posted on: January 18, 2007

I had the funniest conversation with my daughter yesterday. We were on the way to the dr.s office and she was searching for a certain cd that is usually in the van. This is how it went….sort of

Rache “whats in here?” (meaning the cd player)

Me “I dont think there’s anything in there. Last I listened to was Derek Webb and I loaned that to Kent” (Kent is our pastor)

R. “that just isnt right”

M “What?”

R “kent just doesnt seem the type to listen to music”

Me staring at her in bewilderment “huh?”

R “well he’s bald mom”

So now you know……..bald men dont listen to music…….ahh the widsom of a 13 year old.

Now onto another puzzling thing.
What does my cat prefer wool yarn?
She is always stealing my nice yarn.
Maybe she is part dog…you
have to wonder when you see her
running through the house with a ball
of yarn in her mouth.
She never touches anything but wool.
Here is a picture of the mess I had to sit through 2 blues clues last night to fix. It was much worse than it appears to be. The yarn is Patons Soy wool stripes…I heard it was wonderful yarn. Its okay but it has alot of flaws or fat places in it and I am going to use it for felting after tinking
a major project I had started with it.

Am I avoiding the whole sock thing? Yes I am . My sock is retarded looking. and it has holes in it. I am so glad I used cheapo stuff for this.

1 Response to "Bald men, music, cats and wool"

Gusset holes happen to even the most experienced knitter. I really enjoy thick sock knit on size 9 needles with 2 strands of worsted weight. Fast and warm!!

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