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Yarn snobbery, chemo caps and beautiful knitters

Posted on: January 22, 2007

I was reading a post on another blog that bothered me. It was about fun fur. I have noticed there is a certain snobbery out there concerning trendy yarns like this. Why? I admit I purchased way more fun fur than I should have when I first learned to
knit. I made some wonderful scarfs and really had a blast doing it. When I read this post I saw a comment that led me to a site where you can make hats or chemo caps for young people with cancer and how much they love there “hair” created out of fun fur. I have quite a bit on hand and this seems like a nice thing to do. so I made one today. I had forgotten how nice fun fur feels when you are knitting with it. Its so soft and fluffy. So why the snobbery? Why is it that many knitters shun not only this yarn but many of the less expensive ones. I am a stay at home mom by choice. I have a child not yet in school and I wont seek employment till he is. Therefore I really cannot join in this snobbiness that says you must buy all natural, no acrylic, pricey yarn in order to be a “knitter of class” Most of the cool knitting pattern on the internet are made with expensive yarn. I’ll admit that the red heart super saver skeins dont really feel that nice but I really like alot of Lion Brand and Bernat yarns and they are on the lower end of the price scale. For example: I made this hat using size 10 needles and some Bernat Softee Chunky in the color way true taupe……..Cost here.
I am so pleased with the hat. I wore it to church last night and felt like a million bucks. My mom who is 83 told me that its the best hat I have knitted so far.
No I am not a size 5 beauty queen but I am not ugly either. I am a housewife, mother of 4 who loves to knit. Not all knitters look like models (Thank God) and being beautiful doesnt improve your knitting skills anymore than expesive yarn does.
Jumping down from my soapbox for today….

3 Responses to "Yarn snobbery, chemo caps and beautiful knitters"

I’d like to understand the purpose of snobbery…is it for the betterment of the less enlightened? or for the gratification of the one that is snobbing? I do not knit, can’t tell you one brand for another, but I do have a dog…what does a dog have to do with anything? Well there is dog-snobbery out there and I think if dogs could express their oppinions they would disapprove. I am delighted to know that you all are patient and gifted enough to sit and dedicate yourselves to a craft that to me would gray my hair in moments. BE NICE! Life is too short for snobbery and I am pretty sure the Bible discourages it. Good job thinking of the chemo hats whoever thunk it up, my hat’s off to you, please excuse me now, I need to go walk my first generation ” you know that’s not a real Labradoodle.”

Bravo Tana!
Dont get me started on dogs. Mine is a mutt that is believed to be chow and labrador…very patient old dog that could care less about pedigree.
I was so expecting you to comment on the “weight” issue! As you and I both know we would not be happier should we be thin….
Dont tell Mr Higgins that he is not a “real” labradoodle…his feelers might get hurt!

Speaking of snobbery…and thinness… and yarn… who decides what is “okay” and who hired them? I would really like to know. Maybe they should publish their criteria? Then perhaps we could endeavor to be more compliant! I’m happy so I will let sleeping dogs slummber!

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