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All quiet on the western front

Posted on: January 25, 2007

I really don’t have a thing to post about. I am knitting but its going very slow.
I have a baby sock in fingering weight yarn on size 1 needles that is going
good. These are a gift for Bailey May who is due to make an appearance in March.
Gives me plenty of time to work on them.
I am also working on an adult pair of socks in wool ease. This sock is also creeping along
very slowly. I am determined to make socks. I find them quite fascinating. But they are so dog gone slow…….I know why I like hats so much. I can do a hat in a couple of hours and see results so fast. I guess I am not a very patient person. My mom can sew. Growing up she made clothes in an amazingly short amount of time. She came by this naturally. She has often told me how my Grandma was able to make not only clothes but the patterns for the clothes. I have attempted to sew but find it tedious. TEDIOUS! That is what sock making is.
So this evening I set aside my socks and quickly knit up a scarf for a little girl who goes to my church. She is 3 years old and wanted a pink scarf that is “fluffy” In a quick episode of Supernanny I had it finished. Of course when I went to take a picture the batteries were dead in the camera so I have to wait till tomorow. Is Someone trying to teach me patience?
I also have this fear of knitting large items. I really want to make Jasper a sweater. I dont know why I am fearful of making a sweater. I guess its the fact that I could go to all that work and have it not turn out. I dont like failure at all. I did start a simple sweater in Lion Cotton Ease on size 8 needles. Stockingette stitch…very simple. I average about 2 rows a day on it. Good thing its a size 4. I may finish it in time for Christmas.
I was surfing around different knitting blogs and found this one This gal is amazing for knitting a year and a half. I also love the name of her blog and the Bible verse that goes with it. If you have time check out her finished objects under the keepers. I am so impressed and a bit jealous. Perhaps she doesnt have a 9 year old with special needs and a toddler running loose. That must be it. Couldn’t be that she is braver than me and more patient.
Okay so I have rambled on here and said absolutely nothing. This one was for you Tana so you would have something new to read.

1 Response to "All quiet on the western front"

Your yarn is just lovely! Looks suspiciously like embroidery thread to me. Beautiful thread/yarn by any other name is beautiful just the same.

I am amazed, being geneticly linked to you as I am, that you can knit at all! I learned to knit in jr. high, hated it then, mostly because of the TE-DE-OUS ness of it, but partly because of the transfering of stitches from one needle to the other. One hook, one stitch at a time, I can manage that…sortof. The sewing thing has always blown my mind! I love it that Mom did it so well, I admired that in her even though I can’t wrap my brain around it. We’d wear togas if I had to make our clothes. *sigh* You go girl you will venture into the world of BIGGER things when you are ready. Embrace the smallness! Relax and enjoy this season! Thanx for the reading material,

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