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FO’s a purse,some slippers and some melodrama

Posted on: January 30, 2007

Her are the slipper socks my husband wanted so badly. I am rather ashamed of them. One of them is a bit larger around the top of the foot than the other. He is very happy because he has cold fee and these are very warm.
Now this purse turned out really cute. I forgot to take a picture of the purse before I felted it.
The one picture of it on the table looks much pinker than it is. The other show more accurately the color of the bag. Note how well it goes with my daughters blouse. She is just thrilled since it is her purse. I used Paton’s Soy Wool Stripes for this and knit it without a pattern or a plan. The button is an antique one that I got from my mom (aka the button queen…don’t tell her I said that) I did find one picture that I had taken at the beginning of this project.

Now for melodrama. Two summers in a row I was in the local melodrama. I love melodrama. They are such a hoot. The last one I was in I took a pie in the face 3 time per performance plus 1 practice = 12 pies. They were just cool whip and it was all in good fun. I am telling you once you have cool whip up your nose your desire to eat the stuff is not the same. My director says I have a face for melodrama. In ordinary life I make melodramatic faces. see……

I do hope these make you smile.

3 Responses to "FO’s a purse,some slippers and some melodrama"

UGGGH! I hate blogger sometimes. I have checked and rechecked and cannot get the stupid thing to put my pictures where I want them….what is wrong with the new blogger? Dont get me started…….

Ooh, love the bag! How many skeins did it take? It has such a cute shape.

Don’t be ashamed of the slippers! Are they keeping your husband’s feet warm? Then they’re a success.

The bag took less than 2 skeins. It shrunk more than I expected but
daughter loves it.
My husband wears the slippers and they do keep his feet warm.
Do I sound like a perfectionist? moi?
GUILTY as charged!
Thanks for the comment.

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