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Posted on: February 1, 2007

Look at those beautiful fingerless gloves….
Oh my I am dying to make something that nice. I want to use the beautiful red sock yarn I won from Leah. She is the person who told me to order the magazine and use this pattern. I was thumbing through the zine at the PO this morning and had to show this to Amy who works there.
Me “I am going to make these”
Amy, nodding “uh huh”
a small pause.
Amy “Hey if I am still alive when you finish them bring them in and show me”
This cracked me up! You’d think Amy knows me or something. Perhaps she is suspicious of all those packages I receive full of softy fluffy yarn. You know sometimes when you get yarn in the mail you have to rip it open right there in the post office. Add to that living in a very small town and

Now this is the hat for my wonderful brother in law Brian. When I saw it I almost shrieked. Brian is a big ole teddy bear of a guy who likes to wear hats of a different color. Much to my sister’s (who is more conservative)
dismay. Perhaps dismay is to strong a word but my brain is not working.
Very sleep deprived today cuz of sick wee one last night. I also must say my bil would make a much better model that mr college guy in the picture. No I mean…he is alright but he aint a teddy bear.

This has got to be the rasberry beret
that Prince sang about.
What a darling hat except for the pointy thing on top.
And what a darling model. Doesnt she make you think “wholesome”?
I am off to dreamland now (I hope I hope) to catch up on my much needed missed beauty sleep….

2 Responses to "knitting plans"

Hey there knittin’lady. gotta say publically that I really enjoy the slipper socks and like a lot of other things in my life—they have character and fulfill the function. So what if there is a stcich or two that is wrong and one slipper is a tad bit larger than the other–the character they have and the fact that my feet have never been so warm from those store-bought, Chinese-made bits of fluff I’ve had before.
It’s really the same thing about the wife I married—it’s all about Character to me. You aren’t some brainless bit of window dressing that would only look good on my arm, but it is the character you posses that makes you beautiful.
So anyway, just thought i should comment. Next time you take a picture of me, please don’t include my pasty-white legs, K?

Jim [DH]

Can’t wait to see you dive into those fingerless mitts. They are on my to-do list as well. Soon I hope!

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