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Hey! I decided to move my old blog to this new site. I hope you enjoy my blog.

I finished the 2nd IPOD case. This one turned out a bit different. I love looking at the changes made when felting. The boku definetly shrinks less than the soy wool stripes. this is a good thing since my chocolate requires more space when I have my earphones plugged in. It wouldnt fit in the blue one that way. My daughter was happy too! Her trac phone fit really well into the blue case.
I take back hating the boku. The boku knit up well in stockinette…I was originally trying to do a scarf with y/o’s in the pattern. Boku doesnt frog.
It appears I am stuck making these cases for a while…my son wants one for his gameboy advance. I think I will do his in a plymouth chuncky on bigger needles and it should work out.
I really really want to try the Jaywalker socks. I have some socks that rock yarn that I would like to try it in. I am taking some advice from Lynda and going for it. That is if my yarn doesn’t arrive. (Yes I gave up that whole dont buy yarn bit. I am not one to say no to yarn.)
I ordered yarn for 2 projects not just to order yarn. One is this adorable hat for my sisterchick. She picked the pattern and since she is wearing a tacky beanie I knit for her 2 years ago I am willing….She wanted the
exact colors . Wouldnt you know it? There were 2 skeins left on Jimmy Beans site and I ordered it…didnt get it…guess I wasnt fast enough! The yarn is Rowan Yorkshire Tweed in the color Revel. I found something similar in Rowan Summer tweed that I hope will work.
I found this pattern in book at the library. I was shocked that our little library had something so modern in it.
This book has tons of cute patterns in it for the young and the young at heart.
Gotta fly for now…books are calling my name.
Have a great day and remember JESUS LOVES YOU !

Here is a quick little project I could file under a need. I need my phone with me and since is almost the size of an IPOD, I wipped this little cutie up in no time. This one is done in Patons SWS. I found the pattern for it here
It was very simple to do.
You may have noticed the scarf that was listed in the side bar using boku no longer exists…I bought the boku because it was advertised as being “noro like” and since I cant afford noro right now and want to try it…well you get the picture. Boku sucks! I am sorry but that is the truth. I am making another cell phone holder out of it. Perhaps it will felt with better results…I can literally rip the stuff apart with my fingers…no frogging allowed because frogging is imposible with the stupid yarn. Plus its very rough in texture. How can a wool/silk blend be rought? I do like the color I got. You can see the stuff at this link

So onto another topic or maybe I should say back to one…the very bright purple yarn is knitting up nicely. This picture doesnt show the brightness of the yarn! I am really enjoying the cable pattern. Hopefully I can finish it this week and get back to the afghan for Baby Lind…..

Here are two fun photos of my youngest having a blast!

I started my new job today. Its very part time…6-9 hours a week at the local library. I did my first 2 hour shift today and I know it something I can handle. I actually tried to convince them we should do a display of needle work. Always putting in a plug for my favorite hobby.
I started one of Kody Mays hats last night while watching “facing the giants”
What an awesome movie that is! Definitely one that needs some Kleenex nearby.
I am pleased with my stitching if not my yarn. My husband bought me some yarn without
assistance for the first time. He asked me what kind I like and I mentioned a few, one of them being Bernat Softee chunky. That’s what he got me…in purple. I like purple but this is sort of a fluorescent purple……eeee. I do admit it looks better knit that it did in a skein. What can a wife do when her husband is clueless about yarn?
I emailed my best friend from Jr high this weekend. We had lost touch about 5 1/2 years ago. She called me today and it was wonderful to hear her voice. I had been thinking about her alot because my daughter chose Pat Benatar to clean by on Saturday. funny how things cross you mind isnt it?
Well I am tired and need to get some rest but dont really want to go to bed…gonna have to force myself!

Kody May Knits: Fancy Colors Headband Pattern
this site is so nice! Kody can really design hats!
I am impressed! Now if I only had time to knit
them all!

This is Le’Slouch #1. I have worn this quite a few times and always get compliments. I totally messed up when decreasing! I forgot to do the row in between each decrease!

This is le’slouch #2 where I followed the
directions more carefully! It lookes much nicer doesn’t it? This one is R’s but since I took so long in finishing it wont get much wear for a while.
The first was done in Bernat softee chunkee, colorway true taupe. The second is lion brand
woolease chunky in an unknown colorway…

This is the easiest little project! My daughter found it in a magazine and wanted me to do it. So very simple. Turn a tank top inside out putting some cardboard between the middle and smear it with paint as in photo to the right. When the paint has dried you cut slits in the shirt and turn it rightside out. After that you put a piece of material behid the slit part and glue it with no sew glue. Now you twist the slits so tha painted part shows and glue those in place. We scribbled and splattered a bit more paint on the shirt and voila! there you have R’s latest fashion statement! (she hates it when she buys cool clothes and others copy her…she has an original now!) I love being her hero!

I am still working away at various projects here. I did all finish Dawn’s Very Cropped hoodie but I dont count it done till its on its way to Denver. Some of my stitches were very wonky and uneven!
I followed instructions in Stitch-n-Bitch and I believe I have them fixed.
Here are my swatches. the one on the right is Lambs Pride Bulky in Highland Gray
the middle one is patons SWS in Denim color way and it felted about 5 minutes before the other two so I cannot do as planned….gray soles with blue top
The one on the left plymouth Galway #702.
I have the galway in a brown so I can do brown tops with gray soles. This is a gift for my sil who doesn’t wear knitted items. She will wear these. The pattern calls for worsted using double strands but since I got gauge I think I can use the bulky in single strands.
OH I have to show you my gift. Yesterday was not my birthday or anything and I got gifts. My best friend sent me an Easter dress that is gorgeous and a wonderful crocheted scarf with yarn to match so I can make myself a hat. That was wonderful but then my husband gave me my late Christmas gift……check this out! The picture is not that great but the tools are. I love gardening especially flowers and this set is virtually indestructible. The snow is all gone and we are cleaning up the yard! I have spring fever.

I feel as if my life is in fast forward and I cannot catch up to it. My house is still trashed.
My daughters ceiling is all but done…needs the mudding finished and of course my darling mate is working 3 twelve hour shifts this weekend. I cant finish the painting till the ceiling is done. Rachel’s stuff is still EVERYWHERE and there is nothing to be done for it. The bathroom paint stares at me every time I go in there, the yard is in desperate need of a cleaning (dog poo everywhere) and I really really want to knit. My brain is so scattered that even that is difficult. All I have done is some swatches. I am going to make these darling clogs
If I ever get my swatches done. I have NEVER swatched in my life so this is new to me. The pattern recommends it and with the cost of the wool involved I am doing it. they will make darling little square coasters….I have one more to knit and then its felting time.
My sweater for my older daughter needs one sleeve still….I am so bored with it. I want to knit baby stuff. I have this new little great niece that needs a pink sweater. This is Bailey May and she is the first granddaughter of my best girlfriend in the whole world. Isnt she a doll? Plus I need to whip out some booties for a teachers baby and there is the afghan for Lois’s baby…sigh..
so you see why I am saying HUH? I am in need of organization and I need it now!
Guess I will go check on dinner so that my man can eat and get some rest! Then I will become superwoman and tackle the world…well maybe just my living room…….but hey that is comparable is it not?

Okay so its not a whole sweater is it? I found the pattern on Magknits and it was very easy My Rache didn’t want the very long sleeves. We are into 3/4 sleeves this year! I swear I did this in about 5 hours tops. I love the way it was
knit from the top down. The one thing I noticed about the pattern was the sleeves…the pattern recommended only circular needles.They are to long to do this with and it was impossible. I couldnt find size 19 double points. I dont believe they exist. I did the sleeves on straight needles and seamed them up. I am doing another one for my older daughter. It was planned to be delivered yesterday. SIGH!
Here is the rest of that story. I picked up the yarn last wens. and was ready to jump right in…we got home from Cody and our sewer backed up…into Rach’s room. Lovely! Thank Goodness it was bathtub water! We were emptying out her room late at night and hauling everything upstairs. Thats when she discovered that one of her newly installed braces had come off. Next day it was off to the ortho (60 miles away) to get that fixed. I must confess here that we ducked into the Iron Kettle Which is not a good place to go if you are not going to buy yarn. Oh my what yummy yarn they have! I bought a pattern to make felted clogs and some patons canadia yarn that was on sale for some hats I want to make. Anywho when we got home Jasper started throwing up. Its bad enough to have a 3 year old throwing up but when you have a back up plumbing problem its even worse. We ended up moving to mother in laws for the night and most of the next day. Of course I had to get sick on saturday and I didnt bounce back nearly as quickly as Jasper did.
None th
e less the sweater for Dawn is going slow. I am on the
first sleeve and not getting to it at all today. I am doing hers in ayummy sky blue colorway you can see to the left. She has beautiful blue eyes that will go great with this yarn. I hope she likes it as much as I think she will.

On the subject of yarn and not buying any….
I am not doing well on this at all.
Here are some more of my newest additions to my stash
I am doing good at not buying yarn arent I? LOL

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