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Okay so its not a whole sweater is it? I found the pattern on Magknits and it was very easy My Rache didn’t want the very long sleeves. We are into 3/4 sleeves this year! I swear I did this in about 5 hours tops. I love the way it was
knit from the top down. The one thing I noticed about the pattern was the sleeves…the pattern recommended only circular needles.They are to long to do this with and it was impossible. I couldnt find size 19 double points. I dont believe they exist. I did the sleeves on straight needles and seamed them up. I am doing another one for my older daughter. It was planned to be delivered yesterday. SIGH!
Here is the rest of that story. I picked up the yarn last wens. and was ready to jump right in…we got home from Cody and our sewer backed up…into Rach’s room. Lovely! Thank Goodness it was bathtub water! We were emptying out her room late at night and hauling everything upstairs. Thats when she discovered that one of her newly installed braces had come off. Next day it was off to the ortho (60 miles away) to get that fixed. I must confess here that we ducked into the Iron Kettle Which is not a good place to go if you are not going to buy yarn. Oh my what yummy yarn they have! I bought a pattern to make felted clogs and some patons canadia yarn that was on sale for some hats I want to make. Anywho when we got home Jasper started throwing up. Its bad enough to have a 3 year old throwing up but when you have a back up plumbing problem its even worse. We ended up moving to mother in laws for the night and most of the next day. Of course I had to get sick on saturday and I didnt bounce back nearly as quickly as Jasper did.
None th
e less the sweater for Dawn is going slow. I am on the
first sleeve and not getting to it at all today. I am doing hers in ayummy sky blue colorway you can see to the left. She has beautiful blue eyes that will go great with this yarn. I hope she likes it as much as I think she will.

On the subject of yarn and not buying any….
I am not doing well on this at all.
Here are some more of my newest additions to my stash
I am doing good at not buying yarn arent I? LOL

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