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Archive for March 11th, 2007

I feel as if my life is in fast forward and I cannot catch up to it. My house is still trashed.
My daughters ceiling is all but done…needs the mudding finished and of course my darling mate is working 3 twelve hour shifts this weekend. I cant finish the painting till the ceiling is done. Rachel’s stuff is still EVERYWHERE and there is nothing to be done for it. The bathroom paint stares at me every time I go in there, the yard is in desperate need of a cleaning (dog poo everywhere) and I really really want to knit. My brain is so scattered that even that is difficult. All I have done is some swatches. I am going to make these darling clogs
If I ever get my swatches done. I have NEVER swatched in my life so this is new to me. The pattern recommends it and with the cost of the wool involved I am doing it. they will make darling little square coasters….I have one more to knit and then its felting time.
My sweater for my older daughter needs one sleeve still….I am so bored with it. I want to knit baby stuff. I have this new little great niece that needs a pink sweater. This is Bailey May and she is the first granddaughter of my best girlfriend in the whole world. Isnt she a doll? Plus I need to whip out some booties for a teachers baby and there is the afghan for Lois’s baby…sigh..
so you see why I am saying HUH? I am in need of organization and I need it now!
Guess I will go check on dinner so that my man can eat and get some rest! Then I will become superwoman and tackle the world…well maybe just my living room…….but hey that is comparable is it not?

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