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Archive for March 17th, 2007

This is Le’Slouch #1. I have worn this quite a few times and always get compliments. I totally messed up when decreasing! I forgot to do the row in between each decrease!

This is le’slouch #2 where I followed the
directions more carefully! It lookes much nicer doesn’t it? This one is R’s but since I took so long in finishing it wont get much wear for a while.
The first was done in Bernat softee chunkee, colorway true taupe. The second is lion brand
woolease chunky in an unknown colorway…

This is the easiest little project! My daughter found it in a magazine and wanted me to do it. So very simple. Turn a tank top inside out putting some cardboard between the middle and smear it with paint as in photo to the right. When the paint has dried you cut slits in the shirt and turn it rightside out. After that you put a piece of material behid the slit part and glue it with no sew glue. Now you twist the slits so tha painted part shows and glue those in place. We scribbled and splattered a bit more paint on the shirt and voila! there you have R’s latest fashion statement! (she hates it when she buys cool clothes and others copy her…she has an original now!) I love being her hero!

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