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heavy sigh

Posted on: March 20, 2007

I started my new job today. Its very part time…6-9 hours a week at the local library. I did my first 2 hour shift today and I know it something I can handle. I actually tried to convince them we should do a display of needle work. Always putting in a plug for my favorite hobby.
I started one of Kody Mays hats last night while watching “facing the giants”
What an awesome movie that is! Definitely one that needs some Kleenex nearby.
I am pleased with my stitching if not my yarn. My husband bought me some yarn without
assistance for the first time. He asked me what kind I like and I mentioned a few, one of them being Bernat Softee chunky. That’s what he got me…in purple. I like purple but this is sort of a fluorescent purple……eeee. I do admit it looks better knit that it did in a skein. What can a wife do when her husband is clueless about yarn?
I emailed my best friend from Jr high this weekend. We had lost touch about 5 1/2 years ago. She called me today and it was wonderful to hear her voice. I had been thinking about her alot because my daughter chose Pat Benatar to clean by on Saturday. funny how things cross you mind isnt it?
Well I am tired and need to get some rest but dont really want to go to bed…gonna have to force myself!

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When the husband is clueless, leave a list of websites that are easy to order from. Lisa Souza ( is one of my favorites to tell my hubby to visit!

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