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titles can be difficult

Posted on: March 27, 2007

Here is a quick little project I could file under a need. I need my phone with me and since is almost the size of an IPOD, I wipped this little cutie up in no time. This one is done in Patons SWS. I found the pattern for it here
It was very simple to do.
You may have noticed the scarf that was listed in the side bar using boku no longer exists…I bought the boku because it was advertised as being “noro like” and since I cant afford noro right now and want to try it…well you get the picture. Boku sucks! I am sorry but that is the truth. I am making another cell phone holder out of it. Perhaps it will felt with better results…I can literally rip the stuff apart with my fingers…no frogging allowed because frogging is imposible with the stupid yarn. Plus its very rough in texture. How can a wool/silk blend be rought? I do like the color I got. You can see the stuff at this link

So onto another topic or maybe I should say back to one…the very bright purple yarn is knitting up nicely. This picture doesnt show the brightness of the yarn! I am really enjoying the cable pattern. Hopefully I can finish it this week and get back to the afghan for Baby Lind…..

Here are two fun photos of my youngest having a blast!

3 Responses to "titles can be difficult"

Once again I cannot get blogger to do what I want it to do… nothing like a big unplanned gap on your blog!

How old is that jumpy boy? My 2 yr old is SO not a jumper.

The yarn may suck, but it looks cute!!
Your little boy is a cutie!

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