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I finished the 2nd IPOD case. This one turned out …

Posted on: March 29, 2007

I finished the 2nd IPOD case. This one turned out a bit different. I love looking at the changes made when felting. The boku definetly shrinks less than the soy wool stripes. this is a good thing since my chocolate requires more space when I have my earphones plugged in. It wouldnt fit in the blue one that way. My daughter was happy too! Her trac phone fit really well into the blue case.
I take back hating the boku. The boku knit up well in stockinette…I was originally trying to do a scarf with y/o’s in the pattern. Boku doesnt frog.
It appears I am stuck making these cases for a while…my son wants one for his gameboy advance. I think I will do his in a plymouth chuncky on bigger needles and it should work out.
I really really want to try the Jaywalker socks. I have some socks that rock yarn that I would like to try it in. I am taking some advice from Lynda and going for it. That is if my yarn doesn’t arrive. (Yes I gave up that whole dont buy yarn bit. I am not one to say no to yarn.)
I ordered yarn for 2 projects not just to order yarn. One is this adorable hat for my sisterchick. She picked the pattern and since she is wearing a tacky beanie I knit for her 2 years ago I am willing….She wanted the
exact colors . Wouldnt you know it? There were 2 skeins left on Jimmy Beans site and I ordered it…didnt get it…guess I wasnt fast enough! The yarn is Rowan Yorkshire Tweed in the color Revel. I found something similar in Rowan Summer tweed that I hope will work.
I found this pattern in book at the library. I was shocked that our little library had something so modern in it.
This book has tons of cute patterns in it for the young and the young at heart.
Gotta fly for now…books are calling my name.
Have a great day and remember JESUS LOVES YOU !

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