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And I am so bummed out about this…

This weekend the wonderful church that I attend had a “swap” It was like a huge garage sale. Everyone donated unwanted items. IT was so cool. One of the first things I spotted there was my octopus. I knew it was meant to be by the jaunty way he wore his hat off to the side of his head and his smile when he saw me looking at him…I had visions of posting his photo here for Faith to see… It was one animal I hadn’t seen on her blog…I brought this little guy home and my house ate him…left nary a trace of a tentacle or hat. I have searched everywhere for him and even sang a little Beatles ditty for him “I’d like to be…under the sea”

My family is now convinced that an intervention may be required. After all who can understand a mom who is lamenting the loss of a crocheted object no one else even saw? Perhaps she is delusional or the ammonia fumes have caused something to snap in her fragile little psyche.

Here is the bag before felting. Had to have those toes in there. Just another example of  her artistic abilities.p4170001.jpg

The bag has a rather different shape to it. It balloons out at the bottom but is very cute. Hopefully she is hooked on circulars  now!


edgepurseNot really a thing to blog about here. I am busy with the flylady trying to get rid of the CHAOS  in the house! Not a lot of knitting going on. I did get brave and do some Y/o’s in the dishcloth I made. I admit I have always thought “why knit a dishcloth?” Now I realize its a great way to try a new stitch with out committment. I finished one and will post that tomorow so I actually have a post.


I didnt hear from the computer guy so I am still here. Stupid computer is being weird though.


Here are some pictures of the yarn I dyed. The first stuff is not so vivid as it looks. Cant seem to get the colors adjusted correctly. I have decided that cell cases are a great way to swatch for felting. I check my gage and dont end up with yet another felted square (coaster?)


I re-dyed part of the yarn to see if I could come up with something better. I did! This one looks more vivid too. May have to try pictures outside. 2nddye.jpg

This is the stuff that I got from Faith. My daughter who is 13 and thinks 11s are small needles is knitting this on 11’s in the round. We didnt follow a pattern. She is using some off white plymouth yarn for stripes and to make sure she can get a big enough bag out of it. I am so thrilled that she is in the round. So much more she will be able to do.


I dont know if I mentioned I am a very part time librarians assistant. I only work 6 hours a week but I LOVE it! Me and books are best friends. Just finished an inspirational novel called Sparkle by Jennifer Greene that I would highly reccomend. It says its a romance but its much more than that. Very inspiring to be all that you can be. Anywho I am off topic again. I get the opertunity to order a knitting magazine for the Library. I live in a very small town (1100) and the knitting books at the library are mostly from the 70’s (though I requested Stitch-n-Bitch and they got that and a couple other new ones.) I have decided Interweave Knits to be the best.

I am not doing so well right here….eeeeeeek…my 3 year old has his pants off and is playing giant, chasing our pg kitty and rocking the house. Tends to disturb what little concentration I have. I swear raising kids makes everything else in the world look simple! Taking care of one is tough…3 is like a minor miracle…a miracle I am still sane at all…..

p4110003.jpgWood is not something most knitters are worried about unless its wooden knitting needles. Here in Wyoming many people still use it to heat there homes. My aging parents are among those people. They couldn’t stay warm without it. When people get in their 80’s they have no business getting wood. So that falls to their child who lives near them. Now if you don’t burn wood you probably (like me) never think a whole lot about it..there are many factors and variables in wood. Pine burns hot. Cottonwood burns slow but you need a hot fire to start it. The wood pictured is a type of willow. It (according to mom) burns clean and its bark doesn’t make the mess that pine bark does.


What does all this have to do with my blog? Recently our neighbors had their trees trimmed. We were blessed with the gift of the wood. Most of it was cottonwood or elm. We actually hauled 4 pickup loads out to my folks. We had noticed this willow and were told it was given to someone else. What a relief. Hauling wood is hard work. p4110006-2.jpgI don’t like gloves and the bark is not good for knitters hands. Plus I threw my back out. (okay so old age is setting in)The other night the same neighbor showed up and offered us the rest of the wood. This is so awesome, even if it meant giving up part of yesterday and part of this coming Saturday. My parents have almost 4 cords of wood for this next winter. This is very pleasing to them and me. Hauling wood is a family job and even the youngest child can do this. My little guy who is three proved this for the camera!


So today I am behind on everything. My kids are all at school for the moment and I should be cleaning. NOT until I blog.

On another note…my daughters purse/bag is coming along pretty well. She is so excited to be knitting in the round. I have told her all along how easy and fun it is. I started yet another cell phone case. This in the yarn I dyed myself in teh crock pot. It didnt turn out the way I wanted (the yarn) but seems like it will make some cool felted stuff. I will try to post that tomorow…maybe…actually the computer is acting up and may be going away for a while to get some more memory and speed (if only they could do that for humans)

God Bless you till we meet again!

I have continued with the spring cleaning mode . My yarn was a real mess. Yesterday my wool winder came and I have spent quite a bit of time using it. What a wonderous invention it is! Just look at this mess!


Then there were the drawers of yarn……p4090027.jpgp4090029.jpgp4090026.jpgp4090028.jpg

Now there is this…


The drawers are not finished yet but about half way.

Oh and I got this wonderful little package in the mail from Faith yesterday. She called the green stuff fugly but my daughter loved it. She is making a little bag to felt even as I type.

p4090032.jpg I on the other hand am still suffering from the tooth pain and off to the dentist. At least I get a break from all the cleaning!

Its funny how late at night when I should be sleeping I can think of all sorts of clever things to blog about but when I sit at the puter I can think of nothing. Perhaps my mood is affected by children bouncing around the house and off the walls.

I am in a cleaning mood. I have spent the day cleaning. I shampooed carpets in 3 rooms and the house smells much better. My knitting is taking a backseat right now. the kids are out of school till wensday and it gets much more hectic with them at home.

I did get some new yarn. This is from my last pms binge. I am going to make hats out of both yarns and can hardly wait to get started. It seems like I have not enough time right now.

tahki new tweed

Rowan summer tweedThe purple is for this adorabe hat.

Tammys new hat

I think I will make the beret from the Interweave press that I have really wanted to make out of the kahki green tweed. Of course that could take a while. I am so sick of the afghan I am making for the baby due next month. I am using some homespun stuff that sticks to my rough skin and feels icky to my hands. Gotta buck up and get it done. Then there is the cell cases…shoulda never shown my to anyone…EVERYONE wants one. Was offered $15 for one which is fine and dandy when I am in the mood to make one. Lately I have been in the mood to do nothing but look at patterns and yarn and spend money on more stash. Hope this passes soon!

On another note here is one of my husbands paintings. This is our youngest Jasbo who is very good at puting his lip out when he gets in that mood!

jasbo pouting

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