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Its funny how late at night when I should be sleeping I can think of all sorts of clever things to blog about but when I sit at the puter I can think of nothing. Perhaps my mood is affected by children bouncing around the house and off the walls.

I am in a cleaning mood. I have spent the day cleaning. I shampooed carpets in 3 rooms and the house smells much better. My knitting is taking a backseat right now. the kids are out of school till wensday and it gets much more hectic with them at home.

I did get some new yarn. This is from my last pms binge. I am going to make hats out of both yarns and can hardly wait to get started. It seems like I have not enough time right now.

tahki new tweed

Rowan summer tweedThe purple is for this adorabe hat.

Tammys new hat

I think I will make the beret from the Interweave press that I have really wanted to make out of the kahki green tweed. Of course that could take a while. I am so sick of the afghan I am making for the baby due next month. I am using some homespun stuff that sticks to my rough skin and feels icky to my hands. Gotta buck up and get it done. Then there is the cell cases…shoulda never shown my to anyone…EVERYONE wants one. Was offered $15 for one which is fine and dandy when I am in the mood to make one. Lately I have been in the mood to do nothing but look at patterns and yarn and spend money on more stash. Hope this passes soon!

On another note here is one of my husbands paintings. This is our youngest Jasbo who is very good at puting his lip out when he gets in that mood!

jasbo pouting

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