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A short essay on wood!

Posted on: April 12, 2007

p4110003.jpgWood is not something most knitters are worried about unless its wooden knitting needles. Here in Wyoming many people still use it to heat there homes. My aging parents are among those people. They couldn’t stay warm without it. When people get in their 80’s they have no business getting wood. So that falls to their child who lives near them. Now if you don’t burn wood you probably (like me) never think a whole lot about it..there are many factors and variables in wood. Pine burns hot. Cottonwood burns slow but you need a hot fire to start it. The wood pictured is a type of willow. It (according to mom) burns clean and its bark doesn’t make the mess that pine bark does.


What does all this have to do with my blog? Recently our neighbors had their trees trimmed. We were blessed with the gift of the wood. Most of it was cottonwood or elm. We actually hauled 4 pickup loads out to my folks. We had noticed this willow and were told it was given to someone else. What a relief. Hauling wood is hard work. p4110006-2.jpgI don’t like gloves and the bark is not good for knitters hands. Plus I threw my back out. (okay so old age is setting in)The other night the same neighbor showed up and offered us the rest of the wood. This is so awesome, even if it meant giving up part of yesterday and part of this coming Saturday. My parents have almost 4 cords of wood for this next winter. This is very pleasing to them and me. Hauling wood is a family job and even the youngest child can do this. My little guy who is three proved this for the camera!


So today I am behind on everything. My kids are all at school for the moment and I should be cleaning. NOT until I blog.

On another note…my daughters purse/bag is coming along pretty well. She is so excited to be knitting in the round. I have told her all along how easy and fun it is. I started yet another cell phone case. This in the yarn I dyed myself in teh crock pot. It didnt turn out the way I wanted (the yarn) but seems like it will make some cool felted stuff. I will try to post that tomorow…maybe…actually the computer is acting up and may be going away for a while to get some more memory and speed (if only they could do that for humans)

God Bless you till we meet again!

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