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I didnt hear from the computer guy so I am still here. Stupid computer is being weird though.


Here are some pictures of the yarn I dyed. The first stuff is not so vivid as it looks. Cant seem to get the colors adjusted correctly. I have decided that cell cases are a great way to swatch for felting. I check my gage and dont end up with yet another felted square (coaster?)


I re-dyed part of the yarn to see if I could come up with something better. I did! This one looks more vivid too. May have to try pictures outside. 2nddye.jpg

This is the stuff that I got from Faith. My daughter who is 13 and thinks 11s are small needles is knitting this on 11’s in the round. We didnt follow a pattern. She is using some off white plymouth yarn for stripes and to make sure she can get a big enough bag out of it. I am so thrilled that she is in the round. So much more she will be able to do.


I dont know if I mentioned I am a very part time librarians assistant. I only work 6 hours a week but I LOVE it! Me and books are best friends. Just finished an inspirational novel called Sparkle by Jennifer Greene that I would highly reccomend. It says its a romance but its much more than that. Very inspiring to be all that you can be. Anywho I am off topic again. I get the opertunity to order a knitting magazine for the Library. I live in a very small town (1100) and the knitting books at the library are mostly from the 70’s (though I requested Stitch-n-Bitch and they got that and a couple other new ones.) I have decided Interweave Knits to be the best.

I am not doing so well right here….eeeeeeek…my 3 year old has his pants off and is playing giant, chasing our pg kitty and rocking the house. Tends to disturb what little concentration I have. I swear raising kids makes everything else in the world look simple! Taking care of one is tough…3 is like a minor miracle…a miracle I am still sane at all…..

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