Addicted to Knitting

The Octopus is gone!

Posted on: April 23, 2007

And I am so bummed out about this…

This weekend the wonderful church that I attend had a “swap” It was like a huge garage sale. Everyone donated unwanted items. IT was so cool. One of the first things I spotted there was my octopus. I knew it was meant to be by the jaunty way he wore his hat off to the side of his head and his smile when he saw me looking at him…I had visions of posting his photo here for Faith to see… It was one animal I hadn’t seen on her blog…I brought this little guy home and my house ate him…left nary a trace of a tentacle or hat. I have searched everywhere for him and even sang a little Beatles ditty for him “I’d like to be…under the sea”

My family is now convinced that an intervention may be required. After all who can understand a mom who is lamenting the loss of a crocheted object no one else even saw? Perhaps she is delusional or the ammonia fumes have caused something to snap in her fragile little psyche.

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