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I really like many things about word press but I miss my sidebar as I once knew it and my progress bars so….

I am back at blogger…

Come see me over there! I promise to stop moving!!!!

I am back here at blogger. I had heard that wordpress was a so much better place to blog. I did like the backgrounds over there and loved my blog name but I was frustrated there. I couldn’t use HTML and have my progress bars and goodies. I missed them so I am back.

Last night my 10y/o son had a music concert at school. Since its only 2 blocks away, I walked over early armed with a camera and the sock I am knitting (yes I am once again attempting socks.)
I was sitting quietly knitting away when the lady behind me exclaimed “What in the world are you making?”
I could see the astonishment in her eyes and assumed
her to be a “non knitter” and replied “a sock”

To which she replied “haven’t you heard of size 15 needles?” Cracked me up. But she couldn’t quit with that…she had to go on and explain to me that she knit “European” and didn’t throw the yarn over so she was much quicker. Ahh the joy of people who have to get there 10 cents in! Of course me being the perfectionist I am and being somewhat dissatisfied with my life right now, I wondered about switching my method of knitting…NAW!

So as I deal with depression and the possibility of a new medication, I continue to knit on simple projects and call that therapy.

I even got out the camera and took some pictures of sock being enjoyed my children and of sock enjoying the Canadian Chokecherry tree in my yarn. This tree and I have a love/hate relationship. When it blooms
I can smell it as I walk out my door and I love it.
When is sheds its blooms and makes berries…I hate it.
To MESSY! Then in the fall the leaves turn a fantastic red that is to die for and once again I decide against getting rid of it.
I went to Billings on Monday and found a wonderful lys that I wandered through with no purpose at all except enjoyment. I bought some new needles…oohh…check these out! These are for my next pair of socks! They are Addi turbos and came highly recommended for sock knitting. They are a bit larger that what I have been using and very slick! Of course I had to get yarn to go with the needles. I was very conservative there and got some wildfoote in the colorway columbine to make socks for my bestest girlfriend I have ever had. So that means of course finishing the pair I have started (they are str in Queenrock and will be short sock for me to wear)
Other than that I have nothing of note to report at this time.

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