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STR …very short version

Posted on: May 14, 2007

I know this are rather dorky looking but…I dont like long socks…
I wanted to make sock I would actually wear so here they are.
My gauge is very wonky and there are some really tight spots from where
I dropped a stitch and had to fix it….all in all I enjoyed making socks and have
already cast on for another pair. I got some great dancing from Knit Picks that is
somewhat elastic. I love the colors and am bravely going to make Jaywalkers out of it.
Yes I know I am only years behind on the fads but …..I do live in Wyoming…we are behind and we like it!
Note the wacky crop job, I was trying to get rid of my legs!!!!
I never realized I have such fat ankles!

2 Responses to "STR …very short version"

These are great! I’m a big fan of short socks, especially when the weather is so dang hot. Hope you’re cheering up a bit.

These look great! I can’t even see all the flaws you describe. and if short socks are what you’re going to wear, then short socks are what you should make!

Don’t worry about being too behind on the fads…I haven’t made a pair of Jaywalkers yet, and I can’t be the only one.

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