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It seems like there is never time to sit and blog these days. sigh…life is far to busy for this gal!
I went to a Women of Faith conference this past weekend. Actually left Thurs. when I got off work and got back Sat. evening. I am so blessed with a wonderful husband who stayed home with the boys.Rachel and I did the pre-conference on Friday which was totally AWESOME. It was Sheila Walsh and Dr Henry Cloud
It was about God having a dream for your life. I sat there wondering how these two people knew what was going on in my head and my heart. I still get a bit teary thinking about it. I had forgotten how much God really loves me and that He wants me to be healed from the hurts in my past. There is so much in my life that I can see that I am reacting to my past and not my present.
I also went to a psychiatrist last Thursday to see if my meds were working. I tell you what that was hard. I didnt want to see a “shrink” and was very nervous. This guy was soooo cool and understanding. He did change my meds and at this moment I have something that has been missing for a long time… HOPE. Hope that the depression will be helped by the medication and more importantly HOPE in the one who loves me beyond imagination!
I am still knitting. I am working on the dream swatch by Wendy B
I also got brave and started the “touch me tunic” from IK’s winter mag.I am doing it in this beautiful classic elite spotlight (cotton) that is this wonderful mauvey purple color…its just yummy. This picture makes it pinker than it is. Its for my darling daughter Rachel who has been carrying far to heavy a load.
She is such a little helper and does more than here share when mom is “sick” Thats why it meant so much to me that Faith spun some yarn up just for her.
So right now my family and I are in transition and praying for guidance as we heal and go on with a better, happier mom.
I am going to post my purse pictures here too. I seem to be way behind on my posting.( perhaps that is due to the 12+ hours a day I have been sleeping…) I used patons SWS for this little cutie. I love the way SWS felts up so firm. This purse matches on of the MANY cell cases I made so I am like …so cool with matching accesories. Note that the lilacs were in bloom in the 1st picture and long gone on the 2nd. Like I said… I have been a bit slow.
Perhaps you would better understand if I share some stories with you. I wont bore you I promise….yesterday Jasbo wanted some
watermelon. I left him at the table enjoying it so that I could change out laundry (5 people make much laundry) and came back to find he had pummelled it and tossed it on the floor. UGGH! So I clean that up….later we are having pudding…yummy cooked pudding with ice cream on top…I was knitting on the tunic while the kids ate it. I suddenly heard the laughter of a three year old having far to much fun with pudding. He was using the spoon to sling it on the cat…little boys! So I am off today to get the carpet cleaner and clean the rug…that is just the tale of one child. I’ll save the others for another day! Perhaps I can get back tomorow and show photos of the sock yarn I purchased!

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