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knitting confusion

Posted on: May 24, 2007

I am still working on the “touch me tunic” but I am a bit confused. This is nothing new to me… The first photo is of my first try. Note the edge has no scalloping whatsoever!
The second is of course what it should look like.

(I couldn’t find a photo on the net so I had to
snap my own.) The third is my second try.
Is it scalloping enough?
will it scallop more as I keep knitting?

These are questions that can keep me
awake at night. Or drive me to lay
aside my project to be forgotten

forever! Anyone have an opinion?

Here are
some pictures of my
sock yarn purchases. I love
the sock it to me on the right. That is for Christmas gifts for my sil, niece and son. The pink is cotton for summer socks. I am dying to start on some. I
was going to try Jaywalker but after reading some horror stories I think I will make plain ankle socks………

2 Responses to "knitting confusion"

I think the scallops will become more pronounced as you knit. It’s a great pattern! I loved every one of Beth Moore’s studies…the one you are doing now was one of my favorites.

I hope I didn’t dissuade you from the Jaywalker! If you do it, just don’t use a size 1 needle and you should be ok…

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