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Yesterday my yarn arrived from knitpicks. This is always a good thing! I joined the chevron scarf kal I have been on pins and needles (ha) waiting for my yarn to arrive.memories1 Knitpicks has great yarn but there shipping is a bit slow. When I opened my package yesterday I knew it was worth the wait. I rushed out side with yarn and camera for a photo opt….my son was looking at me like I was crazy. Finally he couldn’t stand it. He piped up “Mom take piture of me” How can a mom resist?!memories2

I cast on for the scarf last night. 3 times. I was fumble fingers and dropping stitches like crazy. It didn’t help matters that kittens were helping me!

So this morning I am up with the birds, have read a bit of the Word and listened to Chris Tomlin. I am ready to face the day and start over. Its so awesome that God’s mercy is new everyday and He is always there waiting for mu (us) to approach his throne of Glory and to offer us His strength. I hate to think of where I would be without all that!

I am here again. Not sure why I have so much trouble being happy at any certain blog place. I have trouble with everywhere I go. I hate that I couldn’t email a person who left a comment directly from my blog. I had a contest and and couldn’t reach the winner because of that. I commented on her blog and she commented back on mine and finally I had to leave my email address on her blog…to much hassle. Of course I did send her the package. I am a Christian and not ashamed of it. It was listed quite clearly on my blogspot blog. I do feel led at times to do things from the nudging of God, so I sent a Max Lucado book to her as well. I really dont even know her or much about her. It was just one of those things that seemed right to do. I still believe that to be true. God doesn’t make mistakes and in my heart there was a reason for my sending the book “Next Door Saviour” to her. I may never know why or how it affects someones life but it is done. She was very offended and even posted on her blog about it. This is the email I received from her

I got the package! I really like the yarn, it’s quite pretty.

That being said, I was rather disappointed and upset about the book you

included. We are NOT Christians. My husband, in fact, is an atheist and I

follow Taosim. I can’t help thinking how would you feel if I sent you some

yarn you had won at my blog and included the book, The God Delusion by

Richard Dawkins? I’ll be expounding on this subject Monday at my blog.

Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Again, it’s great yarn and I hope you keep up with that and the knitting.

Not sure what else to say. By for now.

I really didn’t know how to respond to this. I felt like anything I said would make things worse. I still feel like I am not to say anything else to her, so I am not saying a thing.

That being said I was recently over a felt like knitting and saw this great interview with Beth and asked to be interviewed. Here are my questions followed by instuctions for those who want to be interviewed.

#1 What is your favorite thing about summer? What is something you have to do or summer doesn’t seem complete?

My favorite thing about summer is that I usually get to see family I haven’t seen for a while. Last summer all 6 of us kids were home for a reunion. I am looking forward to visits from my family and some of dh’s in just a couple of weeks.

My summer wouldn’t be complete without the county fair. Its always hot and dusty but there is so much excitement there. Looking at the exhibits, seeing all the quilts (the craft area is my favorite!)

#2 Sometimes cooking projects don’t turn out well. What’s your biggest food flop and what happened? (If you don’t cook, choose a decorating, craft, or gardening project.)

Oh this is hard. I seem to be a worse cook as I get older. Maybe its ADD in my 40’s or something. I would have to say it would be burning something that I was cooking because I was sidetracked. I could name knitting projects but that would take all night! 🙂

#3 Who do you most admire (living or dead)?

Boy that is another hard one. For many years I would have said Corrie Ten Boom and she is still one of my hero’s. That being said I will say Elizabeth Elliot. I always knew of her but recently watched End of the spear and was totally amazed by what she and the other women did. After watching that I got Beyond the Gates of Splendor I have been listening to some tapes I got of hers about submission that have been very helpful to me. (I didn’t mean to have my post so link heavy but wanted to have them there in case someone is interested) I am still in awe that those women went into the tribe and led them to Christ after their husband were speared by them.

#4 How did you learn to knit, sew, or do other hobbies?
My mom is a seamstress deluxe. I cant sew to save my life! I have messed around with cross stitch, scrap booking, plastic canvas and various things. 3 years ago my adult stepdaughter taught me to cast on and knit. That was all I could do….It was just so I could make a furry scarf for my daughter. Ya I know….I have since studied and learned to do much more. I still have a ways to go but I am hooked…on knitting and YARN.

Bonus question: For what are you most thankful? (Name as many things as you like.)

Here is another lengthy answer. I am so thankful for Jesus and His sacrifice. That is always at the top of my list. I am thankful for God giving me a loving husband (after I loosing my last husband to cancer) who loves not only me but the children I brought into the family with me. I am so thankful that my mother never stopped praying for me when I was living in and like the world and so very lost.

I am thankful for the church I call my own and for my pastor and his wife who serve us all so well. Also for our new youth pastor and his wife who are teaching my daughter and others so much about Jesus and how to live this thing called Christianity. I am also thankful for a lady named Doris who told me this Sunday she has been praying for me daily for over 3 months because of the leading of the Lord!

This concludes my interview. It really was fun, so let me know if you’d like me to send you some questions. Here are the details…

1. Leave me a comment saying “Interview me.”

2. I will respond by emailing you four questions. I get to pick the questions.

3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them four questions.

Boy life sure can throw you a curve ball can’t it? Summer has barely started and already I am wanting it to be over. Would you praying people please pray for me and my children. My 10 y/o is having a really rough time. He got caught breaking some already broken windows and had to go to court…still waiting to see how much community service he gets out of that…which I am in favor of. Yesterday he hit one of the town bullies on the nose with a stick. Bloodied his nose I guess. The bully’s guardians called the police and since he used a “weapon” a report is being made to file charges.I am rather ambivalent about this. I know my son was wrong but part of me deep down thinks the other kid deserved it. This is the kid who threw my son in the icy mud puddle and took everything out if his back pack and threw it in as well. So pray about MY attitude. My husband grounded him which sounds good on paper.
This is a child who will drive me crazy unless he goes swimming or something to get rid of his energy so that is an issue as well.Parenting aint for sissies thats for sure!

On a brighter note, we repainted our bedroom. Its a soft peachy pink color that cannot be repeated. I am one who loves to mix paint! I bought 2 cans of mismixed paint (bargain!) and mixed them with a bit of white. Its so soothing and soft.
My dh was a bit nervous about a pink room but is taking it quite well. He is a good sport about me and my obsession with repainting the house.

I put up some pictures of my half of the room. I am blessed to have
a large bedroom!
Tomorrow I will post some of my knitting I have been getting done.
I joined the KAL for the Chevron Scarf and can’t wait for my yarn to get here. I have several projects going from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and I am so excited about them! But now I must get going. Dishes, laundry etc are waiting for me. Doggone em anyways, they always wait!
I will leave you with another kitten picture. These are the keepers.
Doncha just love em?

I got 3 books via an inner library loan (my small library has 4 newer knitting books, (2 of which I wouldn’t have paid money for) today. I was so excited. I got Big Girl Knits which to me was very disappointed in. Nothing in it looks like anything I would ever wear let alone knit. Nancy Bush’s Traveling Socks was the second one I got. Since I really fight with socks I am not sure why I got it but it sure is fun to look at. I am going to pick one pattern out of it for future use.
Now to the biggie….101 one skien wonders….what a great little book. It was recommended to me by 5elementknitr for a small shawl pattern to use the yarn I bought at the Pioneer Expo. I love the pattern “Seafoam Shawl” and since it calls for 229 yards and I have 337 yards I can enlarge it a bit for this “big girl” body I have been blessed with. I would recommend this book to everyone. Very cute one skein projects and easy to read patterns.
Congratulations Ruth! Thanks for recommending this book to me!

I have to say that Crazy Aunt Purl is a whiz with a camera. I cannot for the life of me get decent pics of my kittens. So these will have to do! The top 2 were taken the 1sr time they drank milk out of the bowl. They were very aggressive! These were taken today. One of the five has gone to a new home and the rest are outta here this week. Only the orange one is staying.

This is the cutest one but she is female and I have found male kitties to be more loving as adults….so….she will have to leave.

I have a friend of a friend (no really) who is in prison. He has learned to knit and is loving it. The problem is that he has no access to internet and no way of really getting patterns. He and the other knitters in there order their yarn through LYS and are happy with that but…he would love some patterns. If you have ANY patterns you would like to donate, please email me and I will give you the information. He used to be able to receive yarn as gifts but someone got $500 in yarn sent to them and ruined that. This man loves to knit sweaters, especially Aran or fisherman sweaters. He loved the patterns I sent him from IK. He is also interested in patterns that use cotton, for example table runners, things like that.
Now I want you think about this. He can order enough yarn to do any one project at a time, he must finish this project before ordering more. That pretty much does away with a yarn stash doesnt it.
I still havent decided what to do with my yarn. I did get an interlibrary loan of the 101 one knit wonders and have to wait for that to come in order to make a decision. So….
I am making you all wait ….

I bought this beautiful yarn at the Pioneer Expo yesterday. It is hand spun by Yellowstone Weavers and Spinner guild. The one on the RIGHT is a soft and wonderful feeling 2 ply sport weight (3 0z, 231 yds) and the colors are much more yummy than what the picture shows. The left is a nice sock/fingering weight 2 ply (4 oz 337 yds) Now I want to knit something out of the solid. I have searched through patterns and found nothing that suits me for that amount of yarn. There were two skeins of the solid and I have asked myself why I didn”t get both of them instead of the striped.

The expo was pretty cool if you are into that sorta thing. Actually very cool when you consider I live in a town of 1100 in the middle of no where. The sun was out (its been raining here for weeks, my yard is soggy) but it wasn’t to hot. My boys enjoyed some of the exhibits. They were sure I spent to long at the weavers and spinners tent but what to they know?
Here are just a few of the pictures I took there! I love the woven stuff! So pretty.

Here is some yarn that wasn’t for sale. The striped was so fine it was almost thread! And so evenly spun.

Of course it wasn’t complete without the animal petting area! My boys loved this! Casey fed a bottle to a kitten and Jasper got to pet a baby raccoon.

Check out the baby goats born on Thursday. How adorable are those?


Hey just for fun lets make this into a contest shall we? If someone can find me a pattern I fall in total love with for the solid yarn I give them the striped!If I don’t get a pattern I totally love I will do a random number instead!

That was the question posed by one of my daughters friends as she walked through the kitchen where I had the crock pot going with some yarn! I went to a thrift store yesterday and found 2 very old skeins of Brown Sheep yarn for 50 cents a skein. One of them was a cream color (the labels had numbers for the colors) and the other a sick brownish,pinkish ick! I used some burgundy food coloring in a burgundy tint (found this package of fall colors a while back…only time I have ever seen it) but wasn’t happy with the way it was looking so I added some Wilton’s purple to it. I think the color is much improved dont you agree?

The green was made using forest green, black and orange for a sage color according to the directions. I think its sorta looks like spinach but I like it! I love green that has the sage tint to it.

So now I need to decide what to knit out of these beauties! I have 190 yards of each. Its 15%mohair & 85% virgin wool…….any ideas?

June 2007