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I bought this beautiful yarn at the Pioneer Expo yesterday. It is hand spun by Yellowstone Weavers and Spinner guild. The one on the RIGHT is a soft and wonderful feeling 2 ply sport weight (3 0z, 231 yds) and the colors are much more yummy than what the picture shows. The left is a nice sock/fingering weight 2 ply (4 oz 337 yds) Now I want to knit something out of the solid. I have searched through patterns and found nothing that suits me for that amount of yarn. There were two skeins of the solid and I have asked myself why I didn”t get both of them instead of the striped.

The expo was pretty cool if you are into that sorta thing. Actually very cool when you consider I live in a town of 1100 in the middle of no where. The sun was out (its been raining here for weeks, my yard is soggy) but it wasn’t to hot. My boys enjoyed some of the exhibits. They were sure I spent to long at the weavers and spinners tent but what to they know?
Here are just a few of the pictures I took there! I love the woven stuff! So pretty.

Here is some yarn that wasn’t for sale. The striped was so fine it was almost thread! And so evenly spun.

Of course it wasn’t complete without the animal petting area! My boys loved this! Casey fed a bottle to a kitten and Jasper got to pet a baby raccoon.

Check out the baby goats born on Thursday. How adorable are those?


Hey just for fun lets make this into a contest shall we? If someone can find me a pattern I fall in total love with for the solid yarn I give them the striped!If I don’t get a pattern I totally love I will do a random number instead!

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