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Pattern for Prison/Contest update

Posted on: June 7, 2007

I have a friend of a friend (no really) who is in prison. He has learned to knit and is loving it. The problem is that he has no access to internet and no way of really getting patterns. He and the other knitters in there order their yarn through LYS and are happy with that but…he would love some patterns. If you have ANY patterns you would like to donate, please email me and I will give you the information. He used to be able to receive yarn as gifts but someone got $500 in yarn sent to them and ruined that. This man loves to knit sweaters, especially Aran or fisherman sweaters. He loved the patterns I sent him from IK. He is also interested in patterns that use cotton, for example table runners, things like that.
Now I want you think about this. He can order enough yarn to do any one project at a time, he must finish this project before ordering more. That pretty much does away with a yarn stash doesnt it.
I still havent decided what to do with my yarn. I did get an interlibrary loan of the 101 one knit wonders and have to wait for that to come in order to make a decision. So….
I am making you all wait ….

1 Response to "Pattern for Prison/Contest update"

I have occasionally wondered if I would be allowed to knit if I went to prison (not that I have plans, but you never know when I could be wrongly accused). I actually think it would make the whole experience much more bearable. Odd thing to think about, I know.

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