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Boy life sure can throw you a curve ball can’t it? Summer has barely started and already I am wanting it to be over. Would you praying people please pray for me and my children. My 10 y/o is having a really rough time. He got caught breaking some already broken windows and had to go to court…still waiting to see how much community service he gets out of that…which I am in favor of. Yesterday he hit one of the town bullies on the nose with a stick. Bloodied his nose I guess. The bully’s guardians called the police and since he used a “weapon” a report is being made to file charges.I am rather ambivalent about this. I know my son was wrong but part of me deep down thinks the other kid deserved it. This is the kid who threw my son in the icy mud puddle and took everything out if his back pack and threw it in as well. So pray about MY attitude. My husband grounded him which sounds good on paper.
This is a child who will drive me crazy unless he goes swimming or something to get rid of his energy so that is an issue as well.Parenting aint for sissies thats for sure!

On a brighter note, we repainted our bedroom. Its a soft peachy pink color that cannot be repeated. I am one who loves to mix paint! I bought 2 cans of mismixed paint (bargain!) and mixed them with a bit of white. Its so soothing and soft.
My dh was a bit nervous about a pink room but is taking it quite well. He is a good sport about me and my obsession with repainting the house.

I put up some pictures of my half of the room. I am blessed to have
a large bedroom!
Tomorrow I will post some of my knitting I have been getting done.
I joined the KAL for the Chevron Scarf and can’t wait for my yarn to get here. I have several projects going from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and I am so excited about them! But now I must get going. Dishes, laundry etc are waiting for me. Doggone em anyways, they always wait!
I will leave you with another kitten picture. These are the keepers.
Doncha just love em?

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