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the beginnings of a scarf

Posted on: June 27, 2007

Yesterday my yarn arrived from knitpicks. This is always a good thing! I joined the chevron scarf kal I have been on pins and needles (ha) waiting for my yarn to arrive.memories1 Knitpicks has great yarn but there shipping is a bit slow. When I opened my package yesterday I knew it was worth the wait. I rushed out side with yarn and camera for a photo opt….my son was looking at me like I was crazy. Finally he couldn’t stand it. He piped up “Mom take piture of me” How can a mom resist?!memories2

I cast on for the scarf last night. 3 times. I was fumble fingers and dropping stitches like crazy. It didn’t help matters that kittens were helping me!

So this morning I am up with the birds, have read a bit of the Word and listened to Chris Tomlin. I am ready to face the day and start over. Its so awesome that God’s mercy is new everyday and He is always there waiting for mu (us) to approach his throne of Glory and to offer us His strength. I hate to think of where I would be without all that!

3 Responses to "the beginnings of a scarf"

Cute yarns, and a very cute kid!

It’s always fun to receive packages in the mail, but even more so when it’s yarn … to be made into something lovely by your own hands. Knit with joy!

BTW, your son is adorable too.

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