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We are getting ready to go out to eat so this post will be short. I still have 13 rows left on a dishcloth for my MIL before we go. Its her 86th b-day!

I promised a shot of the shadowbox I bought and here it is…p7270003.jpg

So what do you think I will put in this? Does it not look like it was made for yarn?

Well its back to the dishcloth and the rush to get ready for dinner.


Yes! Its finally an overcast day looking to be 10 degrees cooler than it has been! I cant tell you how happy I am!

I dont have time to do much this morning. I am going to the Library to organize the book sale and I am dogsitting for my mother….but I did think this was worth sharing!

I am so sick of this 104 weather I could puke! The humidity is higher than normal and so…the swampy keeps the house at about 80 which is still to hot to knit wool! I am still doing dishcloths. I have another garterlac almost finished and also a ballband. The cotton seems to absorb the sweat from my hands! Gross I know…TMIp7230016.jpg

I made cherry jelly this morning and my dh made pickles!p7230015.jpg

We went to an auction Saturday and bought a fridge, a couch and countless other little things…including a wonderful shadowbox that I will show you tomorrow.

I am off to the Harry Potter movie, FINALLY and hoping to knit a big in the dark!

Yes once again the heat has returned. Its a good thing we had so much rain this spring or everything would be scorched.

I’m waiting patiently impatiently for my girl to get home from camp. She was there from Mon-Sat and then headed to Rapid City for Hills alive She did call me last night as she was waiting front row for Mercy Me to come onstage.  I can hardly wait to see her. She is one of the best things in my life, and not many moms say that about 13 year old girls!

I was wondering about my ravely invite so I headed over there, they have a place where you can see where you are on the list….I was sent an invite on May 22… must have gotten lost in spam land. Anywho I did sign up and look around. Great place to get lost!

On the knitting front…

I frogged the chevron due to yarn breakage. Glad I wasnt to far along. I didnt really like the way the colors were working out anyway…so I started another one. I mostly liked it but there is one color that is not right. I had some holes in there that didnt belong and I couldn’t fix them so I frogged that too.

The baby bolero from One Skein also lies unfinished. All that is left is the edging….have tried twice and it hasnt worked at all…..

That leaves me with only dishcloths to enter in the fair unless by some miracle……I suddenly knit fast, furious and without fault….ahh well guess I can quickly do a hate and some novelty items…its just not the same….

My brain is fried….I am melting into the chair!

We are cleaning out my mil’s house. We had to put her in assisted living a few months ago and have avoided this task for a while! She was/is quite a collector. Her costume jewelry was unbelievable. I had no plans to get any of it. Until….I found all these broaches. I really have no idea what I will do with them but they are so cool. The one orange flower even had matching clip earrings. I admit I have always liked bling, even when it wasn’t in style at all! As a child I loved to look at the flashy jewelry my mom had in her stash. Of course mom didn’t always like that! So this was like being let loose somewhere you are not supose to be…it did feel a little weird to be going through her things and taking stuff.


She also had a collection of teacups. Very nice! We all got to have our pick! isnt this just beautiful?!


Knitting has been slow at best. I am having some major depression issues again. I wonder if that black pit will ever leave me. Just when I think I get out of it I seem to fall back in. Depression robs me completely of having a life. I certainly can’t concentrate on anything to difficult. I worked on my tote back to felt last night. Dishcloths are big right now also.

I will leaving you with one last bling….this one is just for fun!

Arent they unbelievable?


Success is not far off!p7070005.jpg

I am so glad I tried again. I still haven’t figured out where I messed the last one up but this one worked out.! I love this pattern. Dave’s pattern is a great one. Once I figured it out it seemed so simple.

I keep thinking I will find something profound to say that will cause my blog to have everyone interested…so far it hasn’t happened. If anyone has any great ideas, I would love to hear them! I guess I will do as my title says in the words of the great Mr. Churchill and keep on trying!

thiese are what I am working on  for the county fair. Yes folks I live in an area where the county fair is a big thing! Not many knitters enter so the competition is not big but its fun. There is an avid crocheter that makes amazing baby things who always has things there. I dont really do it to win but just to be invovled. My husband paints oil portraits and some floral ones too. He always wins !

Entry 1: dishcloths, may enter 2

  • I found this garterlac pattern and had to try it. Even though it was confusing at first.  I thought it was coming along nicely..


wow still lookin good!


What happened?


  • Ahh the good ole ballband dishcloth. I like this pattern. Made one that was wonky and gave it away…already have requests for more…ballband.jpg

Entry 2: Scarf..chevron pattern from LMKG…very slowly coming along…better get to work on it!chevron-scarf1.jpg
I have a few more things to enter that are not camera ready yet.

I think these speak for themselves. you must click on the pickup and see for yourselves!




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