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a little bling please

Posted on: July 15, 2007

We are cleaning out my mil’s house. We had to put her in assisted living a few months ago and have avoided this task for a while! She was/is quite a collector. Her costume jewelry was unbelievable. I had no plans to get any of it. Until….I found all these broaches. I really have no idea what I will do with them but they are so cool. The one orange flower even had matching clip earrings. I admit I have always liked bling, even when it wasn’t in style at all! As a child I loved to look at the flashy jewelry my mom had in her stash. Of course mom didn’t always like that! So this was like being let loose somewhere you are not supose to be…it did feel a little weird to be going through her things and taking stuff.


She also had a collection of teacups. Very nice! We all got to have our pick! isnt this just beautiful?!


Knitting has been slow at best. I am having some major depression issues again. I wonder if that black pit will ever leave me. Just when I think I get out of it I seem to fall back in. Depression robs me completely of having a life. I certainly can’t concentrate on anything to difficult. I worked on my tote back to felt last night. Dishcloths are big right now also.

I will leaving you with one last bling….this one is just for fun!

Arent they unbelievable?


2 Responses to "a little bling please"

I’m sorry you’re having to go through your mother-in-law’s house. But it looks like the jewelry part of it was fun! I used to love to go through my grandma’s jewelry box. 🙂

The jewelry is amazing! I have a wonderful collection of old pins, so I say…wear them! What better way to display such pretty things, and be reminded of your mother-in-law!

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