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I did it! I started school yesterday! I really like my Eng. Comp. teacher. He was easy to follow and very helpful. I will be taking 3 classes. One is online (that’s what I should  be doing right now) and the other 2 are 30 miles away! My Comp teacher assigned a daily journal for personal use. I am going to count this. So if I start to get boring or weird, you will know why.

I am very excited about the program I got into. Its called College for My Life and its designed for older students who want job skills. There are 3 in my core group which makes for extra help and much individualized tutoring.  I havent met the business teacher yet but so far all the staff are very helpful . They are going to do all they can to make me successful!

sigh…..this really cuts into my knitting time.                     so I best cut this short and get my homework done!

I am still counting the many ways I am blessed.

Yesterday was the 1st day of college. Having been so sick I hadn’t gotten my tuition paid, picked up books …..I wasn’t ready. Monday I realized I wasn’t going to be and just decided not to stress about it. On the way to the college yesterday I found out the instructor for my T&Th classes wasn’t ready either! Isn’t that just like Jesus….I have one class this week and start next week going to all 3! I can get my house caught up (whatever that means…my house is NEVER caught up) and my body totally rested from the illness and get a new beginning!

I am starting to realize some of why I didn’t get the job. Yesterday the director took me aside and we talked. One of my co-workers said I wasn’t doing my work. I told her first off that I  deny that! Then I went on to tell her that I had prayed about this and if this door was closed it was because HE closed it and that HE has a plan for my life that doesn’t include being children’s librarian at this point. Later I found 2 more opportune times to share my faith. It dawned on me this morning (no pun intended) that I had been so worried about moving up that I didn’t really share my faith and bring HIM glory. Perhaps that is why I am off to college.

While I am on the subject of work….my co-worker who is leaving…she really needs your prayers.  She is going off to live with a man she  has dated for just over a month. He drinks a lot and has been to jail for it several times in the past couple of years. Also she is making decisions by reading her horoscope. Another co-worker was happily reading it out loud to her. I am so thankful I have a Heavenly Father who says in his word “I know the plans I have for you. Plans to give you a hope and a future. Plans to prosper and not harm you” and I don’t have to rely on the wisdom of man for my decision making.

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Ok, brace yourself this is a tedious one. Last tues. I went to work like any other day. I found out upon getting there that one of my co-workers put in her 2 weeks notice. Now I had been led to believe if this happened, that job would be mine. More hours, higher pay, benefits…you know, all the good stuff. Well it was hinted that they (the library staff) had chosen someone for the job and were waiting to hear from them. I went to the directors office and asked her if I was considered for the job. ( I originally applied for this job in Feb. and was 2nd in line for it…or so I was told) To say that she looked shocked is an understatement. She was stuttering about how she was told I not longer wanted the job. When I explained that I did she began to stutter about could I handle it……then could I handle that many hours with my family…….then agreed to consider me for the position. I know I was wrong in not letting her know I had heard she had called someone for the job. But forgive me, I was heartbroken. I really wanted that job and not only that….my co-workers had lied and said I didn’t want it? How could this be? I went about working, praying that I could hold my tears in till I got home. The funny ironic thing is that my co-workers wouldn’t look me in the eye…….Its been almost a week and I am still trying to sort all this out and forgive them. Sometimes forgiveness is so hard when there is no remorse from the other party and sometimes its hard just because…its hard!

I made it home without tears only to wake up so sick on Wens. Sinus crud you wouldn’t believe. To sick to knit (thats a first). The next day…still clogged up and light headed, unable to take care of my house let alone go to work. I was sure I would be better on Fri. Friday arrives and no go, not happening, still sick! But thinking it is breaking up. So I had missed 2 days of work after being overlooked for a promotion……not good in the eyes of the world…but Jesus knows I was sick. Saturday and the gunk has moved to my chest. During these horrid sick days the school I had applied for came through, dh and I got a loan for the 1st semester till the student loan goes through.

I know HIS hand was in this. I had prayed about college and wanted HIS blessing on it. Had I got the job, no college. I know HE has something better for me than the library (how can that be? I LOVE the library!) and I am trusting HIM for this.

Its now Monday and I am better but not completely well. Not well enough to take 2 bouncing busy boys with me to the college to get my books and take care of tuition. So that will be tomorrow. Wens. I start school with HIS blessing. I found childcare (a miracle in this town) and everything is set……except…….I dont want to go back to the library. My beloved job is not so beloved anymore. I am still praying about this.
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I know I just posted this picture but not for stash is not so large since I got rid of the cheap stuff and shared some with others!p7270001.jpg

I’m a Chevrolet Corvette!

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A while back I felt the nudging to be more open about my faith here on this blog. I have ignored this thinking “no one reads this” Which is a lie…I have 2 nice ladies who read and comment. Thank you Leah and Beth! So why am I still not sharing my faith? Maybe because my faith has been so rocky. The soil of my heart has been rocky and the cares of this world have been choking out the Word of God. I am really working on having better soil for the word to grow in. I started a new book. Its called Every day deserves a chance. So far the book has changed the way I view each day.

This morning’s reading was about forgiveness. The story started out about 2 men hoarding stuff in their house for many years and how a stack of newspapers killed one of them. He was killed because he refused to let go of the garbage. Very fitting to me right now. I could visualize this after working on my MIL’s basement and see how much stuff a person could hoard in a 20 year period. (that how long she’d lived in current house) But then Ole Max hit my heart. How many things do I keep in my heart that don’t belong? Old hurts? Words that shouldn’t have been spoken? Slights by women at church whether intentional or not? and here is the big one….my own sins? You see I was the worst of sinners….I began my teen years using drugs, alcohol and sex to escape the pain of my upbringing and the loss of my dad to suicide. This carried over into my adult life. My oldest child was 5 years old when I went to treatment and by then Oh the things he had seen. I was drug free and sober for a number of years but I hadn’t given it all to Christ and went back to the drugs. This was after my daughter was born. But here is the big one I HAVE to forgive and its so hard. I was using stimulants when I was pg with my 10y/o and he has the effects of that on his life. The Lord has forgiven me…Why can’t I forgive myself? Do I want to carry that garbage inside me till it falls on me and destroys me? NO! So this mornings prayer was that I forgive others and myself. That I let God’s grace shine on and in my life.

Our pastor has been preaching lately about people who are saved not showing the fruits of the spirit. Man that hits home! I know God’s grace but do I know his law? Do I reflect His glory in my daily life?

Yes this is all very deep this early Saturday morning. But perhaps I am getting to the place where I will be able to let go of the garbage and truly live for Jesus!

well…at least part of it! things are so nuts right now. Last week I spent 4 hours in MIL’s basement (cleaning it I should say) There was a team of 8 of us and we made it about 1/4 of the way through the stuff down there. I did find a few treasures.

Then 2 days ago my mom found blackish mold growing in her basement. So I have been out there cleaning also. Again I found a treasure or two. One of them being a vaseline jar from 1967 that she used to keep buttons in. The jar has a cartoon version of Jack and Jill on it. Very sentimental to me but mostly useless ya know?

I am sick of cleaning other peoples basements. My own is in need of one since our last flood. I mean I cleaned up the mess but all of my storage in tubs down there needs reorganized…sigh

I was going to use one of the skeins of my first NORO  to make a hat….of course I have no 16 inch size 8 circulars the pattern calls for…….so I am back to dishcloths till I get to a LYS

I just can’t seem to stop myself! I did however finally stop yesterday…started a nice rolled brim hat with Noro. I have to get on with other stuff! I don’t know what my fascination with dishcloths is all about….could it be from my childhood? (Marti wipe up that counter when you spill?) mosaic4519911.jpg

Yesterday my daughter had a spring come off her braces.  She has what is called a Herps Appliance that moves her lower jaw forward. Of course her ortho is on vacation. We did find a dentist who would fix it for us and that was good. We had to drive 30 miles one way and somehow lost track of time. I was 5 minutes to late to turn my stuff into the fair. Needless to say I haven’t acted very grown up about it. I worked hard on some stuff and gave up other projects…….so this is my official jump up and down, foot stomping fit. I am going to post this and get on with my life.

The good news is that I am in Secret Pal 11 I am so excited about this. I have already set aside half the money for this. I dont know how I can wait 2 weeks to get started!

I got my yarn for the sock yarn swap but my dyes seemed to be lost in postal space. Funny how that happens. I am using a book called Yarn to Dye for  to do my yarn. I really want to do something FANTASTIC for this! I am still trying to figure out what I could use that is 20 feet apart to make my skien for dying……and I am wishing for a niddy noddy….

Ok fit over, postive thoughts that reflect my faith in Christ…….

see ya!

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