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My life in pictures

Posted on: August 17, 2007

well…at least part of it! things are so nuts right now. Last week I spent 4 hours in MIL’s basement (cleaning it I should say) There was a team of 8 of us and we made it about 1/4 of the way through the stuff down there. I did find a few treasures.

Then 2 days ago my mom found blackish mold growing in her basement. So I have been out there cleaning also. Again I found a treasure or two. One of them being a vaseline jar from 1967 that she used to keep buttons in. The jar has a cartoon version of Jack and Jill on it. Very sentimental to me but mostly useless ya know?

I am sick of cleaning other peoples basements. My own is in need of one since our last flood. I mean I cleaned up the mess but all of my storage in tubs down there needs reorganized…sigh

I was going to use one of the skeins of my first NORO  to make a hat….of course I have no 16 inch size 8 circulars the pattern calls for…….so I am back to dishcloths till I get to a LYS

2 Responses to "My life in pictures"

Nice pictures! I especially like the sleeping ones. 🙂 Watch out with the mold!

Use DPNs for your hat instead. 🙂 then you can start now.

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