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Overlooked, to sick to think, but Blessed beyond measure!

Posted on: August 27, 2007

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Ok, brace yourself this is a tedious one. Last tues. I went to work like any other day. I found out upon getting there that one of my co-workers put in her 2 weeks notice. Now I had been led to believe if this happened, that job would be mine. More hours, higher pay, benefits…you know, all the good stuff. Well it was hinted that they (the library staff) had chosen someone for the job and were waiting to hear from them. I went to the directors office and asked her if I was considered for the job. ( I originally applied for this job in Feb. and was 2nd in line for it…or so I was told) To say that she looked shocked is an understatement. She was stuttering about how she was told I not longer wanted the job. When I explained that I did she began to stutter about could I handle it……then could I handle that many hours with my family…….then agreed to consider me for the position. I know I was wrong in not letting her know I had heard she had called someone for the job. But forgive me, I was heartbroken. I really wanted that job and not only that….my co-workers had lied and said I didn’t want it? How could this be? I went about working, praying that I could hold my tears in till I got home. The funny ironic thing is that my co-workers wouldn’t look me in the eye…….Its been almost a week and I am still trying to sort all this out and forgive them. Sometimes forgiveness is so hard when there is no remorse from the other party and sometimes its hard just because…its hard!

I made it home without tears only to wake up so sick on Wens. Sinus crud you wouldn’t believe. To sick to knit (thats a first). The next day…still clogged up and light headed, unable to take care of my house let alone go to work. I was sure I would be better on Fri. Friday arrives and no go, not happening, still sick! But thinking it is breaking up. So I had missed 2 days of work after being overlooked for a promotion……not good in the eyes of the world…but Jesus knows I was sick. Saturday and the gunk has moved to my chest. During these horrid sick days the school I had applied for came through, dh and I got a loan for the 1st semester till the student loan goes through.

I know HIS hand was in this. I had prayed about college and wanted HIS blessing on it. Had I got the job, no college. I know HE has something better for me than the library (how can that be? I LOVE the library!) and I am trusting HIM for this.

Its now Monday and I am better but not completely well. Not well enough to take 2 bouncing busy boys with me to the college to get my books and take care of tuition. So that will be tomorrow. Wens. I start school with HIS blessing. I found childcare (a miracle in this town) and everything is set……except…….I dont want to go back to the library. My beloved job is not so beloved anymore. I am still praying about this.
Here is some more of my life…..

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2 Responses to "Overlooked, to sick to think, but Blessed beyond measure!"

that kind of sucks! I’ve had that happen to me, on a few similar occasions… I hope everything works out for you!

Definitely God’s hand. I’ve not gotten a job in the past for which I was amply qualified, and only realized in hindsight that if I had gotten the job, I would not have finished school, and would not be where I am today. It’s truly a blessing Marti. Go to work and let them see how blessed you’ve been!

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