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Still Counting!

Posted on: August 29, 2007

I am still counting the many ways I am blessed.

Yesterday was the 1st day of college. Having been so sick I hadn’t gotten my tuition paid, picked up books …..I wasn’t ready. Monday I realized I wasn’t going to be and just decided not to stress about it. On the way to the college yesterday I found out the instructor for my T&Th classes wasn’t ready either! Isn’t that just like Jesus….I have one class this week and start next week going to all 3! I can get my house caught up (whatever that means…my house is NEVER caught up) and my body totally rested from the illness and get a new beginning!

I am starting to realize some of why I didn’t get the job. Yesterday the director took me aside and we talked. One of my co-workers said I wasn’t doing my work. I told her first off that I  deny that! Then I went on to tell her that I had prayed about this and if this door was closed it was because HE closed it and that HE has a plan for my life that doesn’t include being children’s librarian at this point. Later I found 2 more opportune times to share my faith. It dawned on me this morning (no pun intended) that I had been so worried about moving up that I didn’t really share my faith and bring HIM glory. Perhaps that is why I am off to college.

While I am on the subject of work….my co-worker who is leaving…she really needs your prayers.  She is going off to live with a man she  has dated for just over a month. He drinks a lot and has been to jail for it several times in the past couple of years. Also she is making decisions by reading her horoscope. Another co-worker was happily reading it out loud to her. I am so thankful I have a Heavenly Father who says in his word “I know the plans I have for you. Plans to give you a hope and a future. Plans to prosper and not harm you” and I don’t have to rely on the wisdom of man for my decision making.

3 Responses to "Still Counting!"

I’ve gotten a bit behind on my blog reading. Wow, you’ve had a lot going on! I always like being able to look back and see how something happened according to God’s plan. 🙂

What are you going to take in college? I hope that by now you are feeling 100%!

I haven’t visited in a while, so I was so happy to read your blog and hear that God is leading you in a wonderful new direction! You will be in my prayers. May God’s plan and the prayers of all your friends lead you to great success.

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