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knitting for charity

Posted on: September 11, 2007

My daughter is in need of knit and crocheted hats. She is very involved with the youth group at our church. Last spring they went to the Montana Rescue Mission on a missions trip. They helped hand out food. The lunches they made were taken around to nearby parks where the homeless gather and given out. They had put scriptures on the sacks for the people to read. They also were involved in the church service at the facility. They are headed back at Thanksgiving and would like to give out hand knit hats/scarfs/mittens etc to the people. My daughter is knitting a hat (will be a long process, getting her to sit still long enough) and I have plans to knit at least 6. The youth pastors wife crochets very fast and is making matching hats and scarfs. Now I am looking to my blog friends for some help.

Anyone who can donate a handknit item please contact me.

I don’t have time to come up with prizes so you would be doing this just for charity. Sorry but my brain is scrambled with college and kids and this was sprung rather suddenly upon me. You will receive a thank you note signed by the youth group!

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You don’t need prizes. I’m sure people would love to help you out. I’ll send you an email.

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