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Archive for September 24th, 2007

I cannot believe I have went this long without posting. It seems like the longer I go the harder it is to come up with something to say.

School is going very well. I am so thankful that God wanted me in school and out of the library. It has changed the way I handle life, that is for certain. My knitting time has been hacked down to a minimum. I am once again back into dishcloths. I wonder if I will ever knit normally again.

The pictures are of some of the recent events in my life. I found the cabinet for the sewing machine at a rummage sale for $4.00. I was so excited. My machine, ancient as it is, is no longer in the basement storage. It now sits proudly in the living room. I finished a needle roll I started eons ago out at my moms. I have another one started for my secret pal. They are for double points. Mine has only one row but hers is going to have 2 rows for different lengths.

I did purchase a pattern that I can’t wait to use. Its the Brubeck mitts by Vyvyan. I finally ordered some yarn to knit them with. Yes its true, with all my yarn stash I don’t have the RIGHT yarn for the project. This totally dumbfounds my husband who thinks I order yarn just for the sake of shopping online. 🙂

I of course had to buy more sugar and cream after class the other day. I explained to my darling husband that this does not count as yarn since it is cotton. He bought it! HA HA HA

I promise to be more faithful and post more often.

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