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I have had a week I never want to relive. With all the stuff going on at church, school and family, that is enough to make me a wee bit stressed.

My stress was joined by sorrow. My dear friend at church lost her son on Monday. He was just 17 and what a charmer he was. Blond hair and blue eyes that twinkled and a smile that could melt the hardest of hearts. He tried to serve Jesus but the enemy never left him alone. Now he is at his real home with Jesus. The ones left behind are the ones who question and mourn. You see he died because of drugs. Such a waste of a good life. The memorial was yesterday and it was hard to sit through. I have never seen grief the way I saw it yesterday. My friend and her daughters were holding each other and almost wailing.I think I understand the tearing of the clothes that the Jewish people did in the Bible. It would have felt good to tear something and scream at the top of my lungs.

Meanwhile I have lost my knitting. I tried to make Jasbo some mittens and can’t seem to even do that. My k1p1 ribbing is uneven and I don’t care. I don’t have the desire to knit. This is very strange. I have much I need to be getting done but alas, I am going nowhere.

We had a meeting last night at the church. It was very emotional to say the least. There were of course those who showed up trying to show the unconstitutionality in what the elders did and those who are so mad nothing but reinstatement will satisfy them. Me? well I came away convicted about my family devotions or lack there of. I saw my pastors heart break and tears flow down his face, his mom being removed because she was so upset and I realized this was NOT done lightly. The only explanation we got was that it was best for the youth pastors marriage. That is all I need. Now to pick up the pieces and help the children with broken hearts. After the meeting we had prayer time and that was a healing thing for me. One of the elders I don’t know well prayed with me. When  you pray one on one with someone, you really get to hear their heart for God. Everyone was hugging and crying. Our church will need much healing and prayer after this but God will bring us through stronger. AMEN?!

I realize that I don’t spend enough time praying for the leadership in my church.I find it very convenient to let my daughter go to youth group and son to AWANA and leave to much of their teaching to others. These are the things I will be in prayer about.

Today is a new day and I wonder about my sanity. Why do I let the dirty dishes set? What do I do with my time that I don’t get things done? Between housecleaning and homework, I hope I can come up for air at some point and knit. I started a scarf for my 21 y/o out of acrylic. Yes acrylic. He does his own laundry and I know he would have had a very small felted scarf at some point in time. I hate the scarf! I did a variation of the chevron scarf and its rolling. My daughter loves it. I guess I will start another one for him and finish this one for her. sigh……and people wonder where UFO’s come from…..this is one that could become unfinished forever. Maybe I can let her finish it. HEY now that’s an idea!

I am having difficulty even coming up with a title today. Friday I received some disturbing news. I am still trying to get my little brain around it. It’s almost like being told someone died and not being able to accept it. That shock that leaves you almost numb is what I feel.

First off I want to tell you I love our youth pastor and his wife. They have done a wonderful work in HIS name. My daughter is one of many who have grown under their leadership and teaching. Kids who don’t attend church now attend youth group. I could go on and on with this type of praise.

The only negative thing I can say is “video games” I hate them. I think they can do horrible things to our children if they are not held in check. Youth pastor spends much time playing them with the boys that visit his house. I have limited my Casey’s time there because Casey cannot control himself. Asperger’s  makes a boy unable to fit in socially and if you add video games the boy will surely get lost in them. Just my opinion of course.

Now for the meat of this post. My pastor came over Friday to tell us the bad news. Apparently there are some things that the elders had corrected the youth pastor on and the youth pastor hasn’t followed through in doing what they asked him to do. No specifics were given but evidently they grievances were concern enough for a vote to be taken. Our youth pastor will be leaving November 11th. It hurts to even type this. I don’t understand at all. My children are heartbroken. Why is this happening?

I hope you don’t mind my using this blog to sort my feelings. I welcome any input on this. One part of me knows our elders well and trusts them. This part of me is aware they would not make this decision lightly. The other part of me wonders if this is an attack of the enemy and the elders are blinded. I just don’t know anything right now.  I know that I am up and I did my Bible study. I am going to shower and get ready for church. I am going to trust God to be sovereign in this and to carry my family and I through this. Right now my boy is crying and needs his mom so I will stop this post and get on with my life.

Why Knit? Why knot!

By Marti Rannells

Knitting has often been looked down upon as an old ladies hobby not as something younger women and girls do. The trend to give up needlework began in the late 60s and early 70s .The Women’s Liberation movement, and easily-purchased, ready made knit items were among the top reasons knitting was put aside. During this time there were still knitters out there but knitting  wasn’t celebrated the way it is today. What is it about knitting that has seen it rise to such prevalent popularity again after numerous years of being looked down upon? To find the answer to this question I believe one is required to look at the history of knitting and compare knitters, past and present.

Knitting is believed to have been practiced for thousands of years, originating in Persia, though there is no factual evidence to prove when or where it was started or by whom. Knitting was developed into an advanced craft the by 16th century. Knitters learned their craft out of necessity, using materials available. Most knitters had there own sheep that they sheared for the wool. First, they had the task of washing the fleece, carding it and making it into roving material. Next, they spun in into usable yarn to make necessary items for living. I am amazed at these women. After all, I buy my yarn ready to use, have patterns made by other people and simply follow directions. I cannot imagine having to make up patterns for socks and hats with nothing to guide me. Yet these women did this in addition to their normal work needed for survival. There were some patterns available to the public. I recently read in an interview with Barbara Walker in Vogue Knitting that the Library of Congress has pattern books as old as the 1860’s in their archives and certainly families had patterns that were passed down but many of these were mislaid long ago.

Today knitting is one of the main craft industries. Yarn companies are on the rise .Knitting BLOGS abound on the internet. A Google search will yield me approximately 466,000 hits for a search of knitting BLOGS. Magazines, books, and stores for yarn and knitting are plentiful. I have discovered books on knitting for kids and there is a series on men who knit. Why is knitting once again so popular? Could it be that in this high tech world we live in some of our creativity has been erased and we are searching for an outlet for it?

I have always been a crafty person and have tried many venues, but I have never gotten very enthused about any of them. Most of the crafts I did were short lived and bored me after a time. I started knitting as a result of a scarf given to my daughter by my husband’s daughter Dawn. It was one of those furry fun scarves that were prevalent a few years ago. I begged Dawn to teach me how to knit all the while thinking that I would make a few scarves for gifts and that would be the end of it. I had no idea how much thought and talent goes into knitting. I was soon very bored with the scarves and anxious to try something else. A search of the internet led me to instructions and books that would teach me more than the simple knit stitch. I was a bit daunted at first when trying to learn all the terminology and stitches. Yet I persisted and very soon I had knit a simple hat. I believe the hat only promoted my desire to learn more. My persistence led me deeper into the community of knitters that prevails on the World Wide Web. I have now been knitting almost 4 years and while I have not reached the skill level that I desire, I continue to practice and hone my skills that I may reach that place where I am a skilled knitter.

I cannot write about knitting without touching on the need inside of me that is met by my knitting. Part of this is the creative process and using knowledge to make something useful, practical and beautiful. I believe it is much deeper than this. I feel a certain kinship with women of old when I am knitting. It takes me back to roots I didn’t know existed. I think of my ancestors who created knitted items as a means of survival against the elements. I picture a woman in a chair by the fire rocking and knitting. The sound of the metal needles clacking as her fingers fly as is comforting and soothing to those who listen to it. What a wonderful family life, everyone gathered together in the evening with no technological devices to mar the serenity of the scene. I am connected to this woman by the art of knitting. That woman and I are both putting a bit of ourselves into our knitting. Each stitch contains the love we feel for our craft and the person we are knitting for.

I also find it therapeutic and relaxing. I can gauge my mood by my knitting. If I am worried or concerned about something, I can leave my troubles behind. My attention is focused on the stitches and needles. I find it best to use a simple knit stitch and do nothing complicated when my life is extremely stressful with emotional issues. If I try something complicated like lace when I am under stress, it’s almost a sure thing I will later rip it out. When things are going well with me and I am well rested, I can tackle a more difficult stitch.

There are people who look askance at me when they see me knitting in public. The image of old lady knitters is still in many people’s minds. I don’t mind the looks I get. I am proud of the fact I have persevered in my craft and continue to learn. I believe the feelings of worth and satisfaction make knitting more than just a hobby. Ask any knitter and she will tell you that knitting is more to her than something she does with her hands. Knitting becomes a way of life.

I swear I don’t know where my time goes and why I have no time for this anymore. Could it be the 3 children and husband? Perhaps the college. I have this weeks excuse all ready.Jim and I quit smoking. Yeppers! He started smoking in college and I started when I was 14. I tell you what, it was a weird weekend at my house.

All the test results are in on Rachel. There is nothing wrong with her except some depression. Since I have clinical depression this stands to reason. Thank you all for your prayers.

On a very happy note, I got my #2 package from my SP11. I was bowled over when I saw this…….

Well it gets better……..

Can you believe it? She met the YH and got a book signed for me! What an awesome secret pal. She also sent me this…..

Its complete with ALL its patterns!

On a scholarly note… I did write my essay on knitting and the final is due tomorrow. I have a bit of polishing to do on it. When I was contemplating the essay I got out my vintage magazines. It was fun to look at them again. Jim is scared to death I will knit him a sweater from one of these.

But the one that really got to me was this one….

What are they looking at?

And one final picture to think on…..

Does this not look like a foot that needs a manicure and a sock? I have given up sock knitting. But perhaps my daughter will paint those toenails for me……

I have been hard at the knitting essay this morning. I am glad only a rough draft is due this week. My paper needs much polishing but it is getting there.

I have a prayer request. I am going to call a doctor for my daughter when the office opens. She has headaches almost every day, is always tired, has frequent cold/sinus infections and complains of joint pain. I am beginning to get concerned about this. Our youth pastors wife has several autoimmune diseases that manifested themselves around the same age that my daughter is right now. I need to the Dr. to take me serious and run blood tests for these things. I don’t think it’s normal for her to be sick this much. She has had a cold almost since school started. It will start to clear up and then it’s back again. So if you read this please pray for the Dr.’s wisdom and some answers.

On a happier note…We (the Big Horn Basin) have a new individual living here. Wilfred Brimley. He has bought several properties, one of them only 2 miles from me. A friend of mine from church is putting a wood floor in one of the houses and says he is very nice. When asked how he liked it here he said “I like it a lot” I can hear his voice saying that!

I best get off the computer and get myself moving. I have an appointment in Cody this afternoon which means a trip to Walmart (heavy sigh) and the LYS to pick up something for my SP11. Speaking of which, my spoiler is wonderful. She emails me regularly and we have  a nice dialog going. I am so pleased about this. I am expecting a package this week. She is so prompt in her spoiling!

Have a great day all you knitters! BE BLESSED!

I am making progress on the Brubeck mitts. I would be much farther if my life would settle down and let me stay home once in a while.

I can write on any topic for this paper. My teacher is very open about this. He just wants me to write. I started a paper about knitting and while I was working on it I received an email that class was canceled. This gives me till Wens. to polish it. I haven’t figured out  an opening for it yet. I wrote some about my fascination with knitters of old and how they made their  own patterns from their own yarn.I am not sure where I am going with it but it’s just a rough draft. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I picked up the latest Vogue knitting in Billings yesterday. I had a 40% off coupon and I told dh it was for research purposes ( I am getting good at justification for my actions) Its the 25th anniversary and its very interesting. I especially like the interview with Barbara Walker. Fascinating! I hope to work that into my paper also.

This is my latest dishcloth. I found the variation of this pattern on coming unraveled. I was following CeElle lead and trying to use new color combinations.  I am pleased with this one.

I am curious about something. I have people wanting to buy my dishcloths. What would you charge for one? I realize I would make little for my time but it would be neat to sell them and make a little yarn cash!

I am so totally stumped it’s not even funny. I am starting a paper for English Comp. Well that is what I should be doing. Instead I am staring at the computer wondering what to write on. I need a first draft for class in three hours. sigh. The more I try to write the more stumped I get.

What I really want to do is work on my Brubeck mitts. My yarn got here from Knitpicks yesterday and last night I was busy at it. Its a very easy pattern and so darling. I have one pentagon done and am picking up stitches for the 2nd. It takes 6 needles and none of my sets have that many. I recently bought 2 new sets. One is the beautiful Harmony from knitpicks. These are so beautiful and slick. I am using them and the new Comfort Zone needles I ordered from knittykat. The CZ’s are by far my favorites. My hands love them and I can tell I will be spending more money on them. I bought them in a size 6 dbp.

I think I will get back to my writing. I wonder if he would accept a paper on the need to knit and how that fulfills my need to create.

Actor – Nicholas Cage

Actress -Meg Ryan

Animal – Cat

Band -Third Day

Book – Mitford Series

Bubble Bath – none-makes me itch

Candy – chocolate

Color – purple

Flower – carnation

Food – pizza

Lip Balm – carmex

Lotion -bath and body works

Movie – The Last Sin Eater

Song – Angus Dei

TV Show – Waltons

Vacation Spot -Mountains

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