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Archive for October 3rd, 2007

I am so totally stumped it’s not even funny. I am starting a paper for English Comp. Well that is what I should be doing. Instead I am staring at the computer wondering what to write on. I need a first draft for class in three hours. sigh. The more I try to write the more stumped I get.

What I really want to do is work on my Brubeck mitts. My yarn got here from Knitpicks yesterday and last night I was busy at it. Its a very easy pattern and so darling. I have one pentagon done and am picking up stitches for the 2nd. It takes 6 needles and none of my sets have that many. I recently bought 2 new sets. One is the beautiful Harmony from knitpicks. These are so beautiful and slick. I am using them and the new Comfort Zone needles I ordered from knittykat. The CZ’s are by far my favorites. My hands love them and I can tell I will be spending more money on them. I bought them in a size 6 dbp.

I think I will get back to my writing. I wonder if he would accept a paper on the need to knit and how that fulfills my need to create.

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