Addicted to Knitting


Posted on: October 3, 2007

I am so totally stumped it’s not even funny. I am starting a paper for English Comp. Well that is what I should be doing. Instead I am staring at the computer wondering what to write on. I need a first draft for class in three hours. sigh. The more I try to write the more stumped I get.

What I really want to do is work on my Brubeck mitts. My yarn got here from Knitpicks yesterday and last night I was busy at it. Its a very easy pattern and so darling. I have one pentagon done and am picking up stitches for the 2nd. It takes 6 needles and none of my sets have that many. I recently bought 2 new sets. One is the beautiful Harmony from knitpicks. These are so beautiful and slick. I am using them and the new Comfort Zone needles I ordered from knittykat. The CZ’s are by far my favorites. My hands love them and I can tell I will be spending more money on them. I bought them in a size 6 dbp.

I think I will get back to my writing. I wonder if he would accept a paper on the need to knit and how that fulfills my need to create.

3 Responses to "stumped"

I dislike that feeling of knowing I need to do something, but feeling like I can’t do it. Hopefully you’ll come up with something.

Your new knitting project sounds great!

Guess it depends on what your topic is supposed to be, huh? If he says write about anything you want, then you’re golden!

That sounds like a perfect subject for a paper. I hope you will share it with us! Knitting is definitely a need within us, and one that will not be quieted by “Shhhsh, I have other things to do.”

Thanks for the kind words about Comfort Zone. If I try to use other needles my hands scream at me about it right away. Enjoy!

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