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I am making progress on the Brubeck mitts. I would be much farther if my life would settle down and let me stay home once in a while.

I can write on any topic for this paper. My teacher is very open about this. He just wants me to write. I started a paper about knitting and while I was working on it I received an email that class was canceled. This gives me till Wens. to polish it. I haven’t figured out  an opening for it yet. I wrote some about my fascination with knitters of old and how they made their  own patterns from their own yarn.I am not sure where I am going with it but it’s just a rough draft. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I picked up the latest Vogue knitting in Billings yesterday. I had a 40% off coupon and I told dh it was for research purposes ( I am getting good at justification for my actions) Its the 25th anniversary and its very interesting. I especially like the interview with Barbara Walker. Fascinating! I hope to work that into my paper also.

This is my latest dishcloth. I found the variation of this pattern on coming unraveled. I was following CeElle lead and trying to use new color combinations.  I am pleased with this one.

I am curious about something. I have people wanting to buy my dishcloths. What would you charge for one? I realize I would make little for my time but it would be neat to sell them and make a little yarn cash!

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