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Making progress

Posted on: October 5, 2007

I am making progress on the Brubeck mitts. I would be much farther if my life would settle down and let me stay home once in a while.

I can write on any topic for this paper. My teacher is very open about this. He just wants me to write. I started a paper about knitting and while I was working on it I received an email that class was canceled. This gives me till Wens. to polish it. I haven’t figured out  an opening for it yet. I wrote some about my fascination with knitters of old and how they made their  own patterns from their own yarn.I am not sure where I am going with it but it’s just a rough draft. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I picked up the latest Vogue knitting in Billings yesterday. I had a 40% off coupon and I told dh it was for research purposes ( I am getting good at justification for my actions) Its the 25th anniversary and its very interesting. I especially like the interview with Barbara Walker. Fascinating! I hope to work that into my paper also.

This is my latest dishcloth. I found the variation of this pattern on coming unraveled. I was following CeElle lead and trying to use new color combinations.  I am pleased with this one.

I am curious about something. I have people wanting to buy my dishcloths. What would you charge for one? I realize I would make little for my time but it would be neat to sell them and make a little yarn cash!

3 Responses to "Making progress"

I like the color combination in your dishcloth, too. I’m not sure what you should charge for them. Maybe you can find some information online. There are some Yahoo groups for dishcloth knitters and maybe you could find information there.

Maybe you could link the knitters of the past with knitters today. It’s an art/craft that is passed down through generations. We can create beautiful yet useful things because our mothers, aunts, grandmothers, etc. taught us how. I’ll bet you could even find some stories about patterns being passed down. Good luck with your project!

I love those mitts! After seeing yours I am sure I want to make a pair or two. So pretty on the hand.

I think using the interview with Barbara Walker in your paper is a great idea. My writing prof used to tell us to “use expert’s words” to tell the story. It sounds like you are enjoying school, which is wonderful to hear!

P. S. I just paid $15 for three dishcloths, and they weren’t nearly as nice as yours! That would make them $5 each, but yours are certainly worth more.

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