Addicted to Knitting


Posted on: October 16, 2007

I swear I don’t know where my time goes and why I have no time for this anymore. Could it be the 3 children and husband? Perhaps the college. I have this weeks excuse all ready.Jim and I quit smoking. Yeppers! He started smoking in college and I started when I was 14. I tell you what, it was a weird weekend at my house.

All the test results are in on Rachel. There is nothing wrong with her except some depression. Since I have clinical depression this stands to reason. Thank you all for your prayers.

On a very happy note, I got my #2 package from my SP11. I was bowled over when I saw this…….

Well it gets better……..

Can you believe it? She met the YH and got a book signed for me! What an awesome secret pal. She also sent me this…..

Its complete with ALL its patterns!

On a scholarly note… I did write my essay on knitting and the final is due tomorrow. I have a bit of polishing to do on it. When I was contemplating the essay I got out my vintage magazines. It was fun to look at them again. Jim is scared to death I will knit him a sweater from one of these.

But the one that really got to me was this one….

What are they looking at?

And one final picture to think on…..

Does this not look like a foot that needs a manicure and a sock? I have given up sock knitting. But perhaps my daughter will paint those toenails for me……

5 Responses to "Random"

Oh, I love the vintage patterns! How fun! Especially the mod tanks on the gazing girls.

I’m glad you got a diagnosis on your daughter. I’m well familiar with clinical depression myself… and am very grateful for the treatments available these days!

I wonder how many people said to themselves “I just HAVE to knit one of those outfits for myself!” when they saw the magazine (originally). đŸ™‚ I’m glad you have a diagnosis for your daughter.

Charlie’s Angels live! Those vintage mags are always good for a laugh. So glad to hear that you have an answer about Rachel’s health. I know that with depression it is day to day work, but like many illnesses, if you “stay ahead of it” it is manageable.

You stopped smoking–that’s huge!!! Congratulations!

You have an awesome SP. A book signed by the Yarn Harlot is like the Holy Grail.

Hi Marti, I am blown away by that photo of those women in those 60’s knit dresses! Ha! Hope you’re well and glad to hear that you got those test results back. Keep up the good work with the not smoking. I know it is VERY hard but one thing that will help both you and your daughter a lot is lots and lots of fresh air and breathing deeply. All kinds of unsolicited advice from a yoga teacher…I’ve worked with a lot of people who have quite smoking! It is such a great change!

So good to connect again. I think your essay is spot on as to why we all knit. It’s calming, it’s productive and it’s a link to the past when so much in the present is so screwy. Hope your essay is well received. And Wilfred Brimly here in Wyoming? You should hear all the big, I mean really big names, that have ranches around here. I was blown away.

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