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Posted on: October 21, 2007

I am having difficulty even coming up with a title today. Friday I received some disturbing news. I am still trying to get my little brain around it. It’s almost like being told someone died and not being able to accept it. That shock that leaves you almost numb is what I feel.

First off I want to tell you I love our youth pastor and his wife. They have done a wonderful work in HIS name. My daughter is one of many who have grown under their leadership and teaching. Kids who don’t attend church now attend youth group. I could go on and on with this type of praise.

The only negative thing I can say is “video games” I hate them. I think they can do horrible things to our children if they are not held in check. Youth pastor spends much time playing them with the boys that visit his house. I have limited my Casey’s time there because Casey cannot control himself. Asperger’s  makes a boy unable to fit in socially and if you add video games the boy will surely get lost in them. Just my opinion of course.

Now for the meat of this post. My pastor came over Friday to tell us the bad news. Apparently there are some things that the elders had corrected the youth pastor on and the youth pastor hasn’t followed through in doing what they asked him to do. No specifics were given but evidently they grievances were concern enough for a vote to be taken. Our youth pastor will be leaving November 11th. It hurts to even type this. I don’t understand at all. My children are heartbroken. Why is this happening?

I hope you don’t mind my using this blog to sort my feelings. I welcome any input on this. One part of me knows our elders well and trusts them. This part of me is aware they would not make this decision lightly. The other part of me wonders if this is an attack of the enemy and the elders are blinded. I just don’t know anything right now.  I know that I am up and I did my Bible study. I am going to shower and get ready for church. I am going to trust God to be sovereign in this and to carry my family and I through this. Right now my boy is crying and needs his mom so I will stop this post and get on with my life.

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We went through an almost identical situation with one of our youth pastors a little over a year ago. I had 2 boys in his group and they were both crushed. It was a tough year… and several families ended up leaving the church. But we stuck out the transitional year and kept praying. We have been blessed with a replacement my sons are crazy about.

I don’t have any advice other than to be in prayer. With God’s will all involved will be blessed.

I’m sorry you’re all in such pain. Church is a place of sanctuary and it’s hard when something like this happens there. I think you are doing the right thing – praying and studying your Bible. I will pray for you all.

well. hmmm…I am sorry to hear about all of that. I am a christian. my hubby is supposedly a c hristian…along with his brothers and rest of his family. He is addicted to video games. I have 4 children under the age of 4. I am with them all day long. When he comes home and the first thing he does is go down to the basement to play his games, with whatever buddy has happened to stop by-it is extremely frustrating. ten the guys just don’t get it when I am upset-they think I am the mean one. Some days, it is all my hubby does-I will go away to the shop on my “free” day-sunday after church- and he will leave the kids in their beds until i gethome-after 5! He will be in teh basement the whole time playing his game-sometimes the kdis are upstairs, and the house is destroyed, not that it is clean anyway, but it is certainly more “tornado-rific” than when i left-cause the kids are left to themselves to play with all the stuff. Anwyay, al the brothers and sister are into the video games. he spends most of his time with them or with other single guys who are into the games…I often feel like a single mom. I often feel like he is having an affair-with video games, with other people, cause he does nothing wiht me-but sit on a chair and pout while watching some flick-or perusing hte internet for video game related news. Yet, there is noone who seems to be willing to step in. I dont’ believe video games-maybe only in moderation-are meant for church “games”. we shoudl not be encouraging our children in this pursuit…the pursuit of play and pleasure only-what about service? encouraging kids to think of others? do things for other people? isnt’ it fun to just sit an dthink of ways that we can bless someone? like with sp11?

I am sorry about your sadness. I hope he and his wife will be ok…Oh, one of the kids that comes over has aspberger’s. He is 18-doesnt’ have a job…why can’t my hubby encourage him to get a job? help him thre? he is a very good worker; he has helped my hubby out many times. anyway, i do’nt really think video games make a person better.

well, i am sorry i took up all this space. I was just trying to think of what the youth pastor – and even his wife- must be going through . well, bless you all.

h 🙂

I have learned over time to trust those in authority. My guess is that he was removed for a much more significant issue than too many video games, but that is not anyone’s business. Your best option is to embrace him and his wife and let them know how much of an impact they have had on your teens. My prayer for them is that God will place them in a setting where they can find freedom (if they need to be freed from anytyhing) and that their next church culture will fit who they are culturally and ministerially. I also pray that God will bring the right person to fill the void and that the next youth ministry will be as deep spiritually as this one has been relationally.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Things like this remind me that although they are spiritual leaders, the Pastors of our Church are human, with all of the human problems we all have. We look to them for guidance, but should never place them on pedestals. The leaders of our Church need our constant prayers! As a matter of fact, the Pastor of our Church is suffering trials right now, and I am called to pray for him everyday. Stay strong!

May God bless all of you!

It’s your Blog, you can blog what you want to!! Trust! Things will work out as they should.

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