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We had a meeting last night at the church. It was very emotional to say the least. There were of course those who showed up trying to show the unconstitutionality in what the elders did and those who are so mad nothing but reinstatement will satisfy them. Me? well I came away convicted about my family devotions or lack there of. I saw my pastors heart break and tears flow down his face, his mom being removed because she was so upset and I realized this was NOT done lightly. The only explanation we got was that it was best for the youth pastors marriage. That is all I need. Now to pick up the pieces and help the children with broken hearts. After the meeting we had prayer time and that was a healing thing for me. One of the elders I don’t know well prayed with me. When  you pray one on one with someone, you really get to hear their heart for God. Everyone was hugging and crying. Our church will need much healing and prayer after this but God will bring us through stronger. AMEN?!

I realize that I don’t spend enough time praying for the leadership in my church.I find it very convenient to let my daughter go to youth group and son to AWANA and leave to much of their teaching to others. These are the things I will be in prayer about.

Today is a new day and I wonder about my sanity. Why do I let the dirty dishes set? What do I do with my time that I don’t get things done? Between housecleaning and homework, I hope I can come up for air at some point and knit. I started a scarf for my 21 y/o out of acrylic. Yes acrylic. He does his own laundry and I know he would have had a very small felted scarf at some point in time. I hate the scarf! I did a variation of the chevron scarf and its rolling. My daughter loves it. I guess I will start another one for him and finish this one for her. sigh……and people wonder where UFO’s come from…..this is one that could become unfinished forever. Maybe I can let her finish it. HEY now that’s an idea!

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