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going nowhere

Posted on: October 28, 2007

I have had a week I never want to relive. With all the stuff going on at church, school and family, that is enough to make me a wee bit stressed.

My stress was joined by sorrow. My dear friend at church lost her son on Monday. He was just 17 and what a charmer he was. Blond hair and blue eyes that twinkled and a smile that could melt the hardest of hearts. He tried to serve Jesus but the enemy never left him alone. Now he is at his real home with Jesus. The ones left behind are the ones who question and mourn. You see he died because of drugs. Such a waste of a good life. The memorial was yesterday and it was hard to sit through. I have never seen grief the way I saw it yesterday. My friend and her daughters were holding each other and almost wailing.I think I understand the tearing of the clothes that the Jewish people did in the Bible. It would have felt good to tear something and scream at the top of my lungs.

Meanwhile I have lost my knitting. I tried to make Jasbo some mittens and can’t seem to even do that. My k1p1 ribbing is uneven and I don’t care. I don’t have the desire to knit. This is very strange. I have much I need to be getting done but alas, I am going nowhere.

4 Responses to "going nowhere"

Oh my! I am so sorry… what a tragedy. We fight such a battle in this world and nothing makes that more evident than a tragedy such as this. But you’re right, your friend’s son is able to rest now.

I can imagine that you don’t feel like doing much right now. Grief needs it’s time or healing can’t be complete. I’ll be praying for strength and healing for both you and your friend.

I am so sorry for your friend. Grief will indeed steal you knitting mojo. But it will return. When I lost my mother I though I wouldn’t care if I ever knit again. But it will get better. For you and more importantly, your friend. Keep on praying.

Your friend will be in my prayers! We lost a daughter at age 29 to a freak heart attack (ventricular fibrillation) and it never stops hurting. I feel your friend’s and your pain in my heart. Our Pastor told me, “Why is the question. Because God said so is the answer.” God always knows best, and even though we know that, we still wish it could be different.

Not being able to knit is a normal reaction to grief. We wonder how we can go on with day to day activities and everything seems trivial. It will come back, just give yourself time to grieve and get past the pain. Loving thoughts are with you, and especially your friend!

Thank you for sharing the story of your friends son. It is such a gentle reminder that we all need to live in the present and appreciate what we have. In a very special way your friends son is continuing to be a VIP even though he is dead. His memory is being kept alive.
The needles will call you when it’s time.

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