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I have little time to type here. Time to leave for school! But I have finished 6 objects, the cable headband, ugly black hat, fetching, mitten, green Le’slouch (picture didn’t upload) and the ugly cat. Now I only have 4 projects on needles…….
although there are a couple of things I might cast on!

Does some yarn just split more than others? Or is it the needle that causes the splitting? These and other such strange questions have dogged me the past few days. I am working on a hat for my SIL in some unknown acrylic stuff that she loves. It’s bulky stuff and very soft. And it splits like crazy. I am over half done or I would frog the whole thing. Plus she is going to be so excited since she doesn’t know I bought the yarn she threw a fit over at Walmart. sigh..Why did I buy that hateful yarn? I knew better!

Why is it when you are on a deadline and have everything lined out for several projects all you can think about is some new project you need to cast on for?

Am I the only one who lays in bed at night and thinks about what yarns would look great together in that pattern you saw earlier that day?

Why do I have 10 projects going right now? Will I ever finish any of them?

As you can see, I am a deeply disturbed fiber freak. My family is thinking of having me committed somewhere. This is fine with me as long as I can take my knitting with me!


Am I the only one who didn’t know it was NaBloPoMo?

We had an awesome mini retreat at our church yesterday for all ladies 13+. It was awesome. The ladies who put it together did a great job. It was all about spiritual gifts. As always with the Baptists there was GREAT food and fellowship.  I had taken the gifts test before and not much had changed in what my gifts are. I have mercy, service and helps, hospitality and exhortation as my highest scores. I signed up for a few “service” position that went along with these gifts.

Speaking of gifts…’s almost Christmas and my list is long. I cannot allow myself to check out any books for a while. I must knit! Why do I do this every year? Most of the year it seems that there is plenty of time to get my Christmas knitting done and before I know it….it’s to late! If you don’t see or hear from me much…you know why!

I started the Pinecone scarf using a single strand of yarn and size 10’s. It didn’t work so I ordered more yarn. But it did at least get me back in the groove of wanting to knit. I whipped out this Natty using some wonderful purple stuff from knit picks and a second strand of some hand dyed by Marti yarn. I am very pleased with the color variation but the hat seemed to small. After blocking the ribbing was to loose. So I caswt on another using a rolled brim instead. It came out looking like a cloche and I love it. So this poor baby was attacked by the frog of death and is now dripping dry in my bathroom. The cloche version is blocking. Since I was on a roll I cast on another Le’ slouch in a nice jade color of Paton’s Canadiana and it’s looking good! I worked on it last night while we had “teen night” at my house. I was very apprehensive about the whole house full of young teens idea. It went really well. My rules were NO VIDEO GAMES only board games and real interactions. I was pleased when the kids made me laugh till I cried. Good clean fun is always welcome.




My daughter invited a boy over…I have known this boy since 2nd grade but hadn’t seen him in a while…he hasgrown up and is very nice. Actually I would have to say this boy is the most adorable boy I have ever laid eyes on. He was responsible for much clean laughter. Plus the dog liked him,which is always a good sign.


So this morning we are cleaning house and preparing for the next time. I am going to attempt this weekly with different kids since we lost our youth pastor. I like the idea of knowing what is going on with my child. Even if it means watching her look at a boy!

I thought, as any good knitter would, that yarn might make me want to knit….

It worked. I bought this to make thePinecone Scarf for my son. I think this will make up great. Now if I can get him to understand “hand wash in cold water” all will be well. I love this scarf and it looks fun to knit but still manly.

I have a Cable and Bobble Headband done for my daughter. Its blocking right now. I have been so sneaky…she has no idea!

I also finished the bruebeck mitts but need to take a photo….while knitting them my little mind kept thinking about a dishcloth. I mumbled about making one till my daughter was certain I had lost my mind. Well I finally just cast on and did it! It didn’t work out as well as it did

in my mind but now I can quit thinking about it!

Well I am off to cast on for the pinecone scarf and see what other mischief I can find.

Please keep my friend Donna in your prayers. Her daughter and grand baby came from CA for the funeral and now the baby is sick with upper respiratory stuff and was in the hospital overnight. Poor dear, when it rains it pours!

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